Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthday for a Princess

This is a fun card that we made for a friend's daughter who is quite the little drama queen.  She knows that she is truly a little princess, so we couldn't resist this layout.  Items we used follow the pictures.  We are sure she will like it... we hope you do too!

The card itself is 5” x 8 ½”. You may not be able to see in the picture, but the card is from an 8 ½” x 11” piece of pink card stock. The spine of the card is actually scored twice so that there is a ½” spine to the card. This was the only way to accommodate for the thick 3D layers of the castle inside. This is why the matte sizes are a little strange. The matt on the front is 4 ¾” x 8 ¼”. For the window, we used Disney Princesses Happily Ever After. The shadow was cut with a height of 5”. This was cut twice out of white paper. With the Gypsy, we then cut it at 4”, but used the contour feature to remove the center cut out. We then cut this out using, believe it or not, a piece of acrylic that was a cover for a cartridge we bought. We then took a craft knife and cut the shape out of the card cover and matte. Since the frame would hide our work on this, we didn’t worry about making it perfect. We then glued the inside white frame on so that we could see on the other side. We used tacky glue to stick the acrylic in place and then glued the front window frame over the front. This gave us a clear window where we could see through the card.

We used all of the layers offered for this window. The main window was cut out of the same pink as the castle. The top layer was cut out of a lighter pink and then the little features were cut with a darker pink. We used a metallic gold paper to make the window sill. We used quilling glue (Thanks to Jeannie Phillips) to put everything else together. LOVE THAT STUFF!!!

The Birthday Girl is from Storybook and was cut at a width of 4.50. Allya’s name was cut out of the same glitter paper using Stone Script. (Love that one!)

The inside of the card was matted with a light blue grunge paper at 4 ¾” x 8 ¼”. We cut three pieces each of all of the pink castle layers. We weren’t really quite sure how we should put it together, so I will try as best as I can to explain. We used 3D foam to add the dimension to the castle. One complete set of pink layers is added directly to the white shadow layer. The grass layer (green) and path layer (tan) was also glued directly to the white shadow layer. An entire additional set of castle pink layers was attached with small pieces of 3D foam. Then the bottom right, bottom left and bottom center layers were placed with an additional level of 3D foam. This gave it really nice dimension. I forgot to mention that all of the castle layers were cut at a height of 6.00.

The little birds flying around the castle were cut from Serenade Solutions. The dark pink bottom layer is from the same glitter paper on the cover. The lighter pink is from scraps of cutting out the castle. The butterfly on the cover is also from Serenade Solutions. It was cut at a height of 2.25. The main layer is cut out of iridescent vellum. The flourish layer is cut from the same pink as the castle. The body of the butterfly is cut from a very dark burgundy card so that it would be good and strong. When all layers were assembled, we used a bone folder and scored the edge of the body layers, bent the wings up slightly and then glued it on the window sill.

For a couple of added details, we used Star Dust Stickles on the roof tops of each tower from the castle and a little on the butterfly wings.  We also added a whisper of it on the blue background (a little fairy dust) and used a white opaque marker and just doodled a couple of swirls to look like clouds.

When it was all done, we made a ½” deep box to give the card in as it was thicker than most cards. This was something we didn’t have to mail, so went all out with the fun techniques. We sure hope she will love it! Thanks so much for looking!!!

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  1. Perfect for anyone's little princess

    PJ(Jessie Adams)