Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Bee-Lated Birthday

Hey Ya'll,

Another fun card here for you, inspired by Jeannie Phillips.  (Thanks Jeannie!)  She made the cutest card using the Bee from Sentimentals, and so we cut out and put together a bunch of bees, but didn't know what we were going to use them for.  Then... The next thing you know, we missed a couple of birthdays and Viola!  Happy Bee-Lated Birthday!

The Card is 5 ½” x 8 ½”. Basically, it’s an 8 ½” x 11” piece of yellow card stock folded in half. This first Matte is 5 ¼” x 8 ¼” and the second matte is 5” x 8”. All mattes are inked with a butterscotch ink.

The bees are from the Sentimentals Cartridge. The shadow blackout layer is cut using Iridescent Vellum. The black layer is black card stock and then the little dots were added with a white opaque marker. The yellow layer is just yellow card stock. They are all cut at a height of 2.00. Each bee is completely assembled twice. One is glued directly to the matte, basically as a shadow. The second layer is scored at the sides of the body… base of the wings with a bone folder and then glued down but no glue is added to the wings. This way, you can bend them up and the look like they are fluttering. You can’t really tell in the picture, but we used yellow flocking on the little stripes to make them fuzzy Some things just don’t work with a camera. Hee! Hee!

The sunflowers are from Stretch your Imagination. The larger blossoms are cut at 2.00. We used two different colors of yellow and then inked them with a butterscotch ink. We cut the shadow blackout, then the regular shadow and then the layer with no center out of the yellows and then inked them all. The layer that shows the seeds is cut from brown card stock and then glittered using a brown glitter by Martha Stewart’s line. Put the layers together how ever you like. It’s really based on the coloring you want, but the inking is the best part of it. That’s what really make them pop. Start with the shadow blackout, then the shadow, then the brown center with seeds, then the yellow center out layer. We put 3D adhesive so they would pop off of the card, but the flowers were not put together with 3D adhesive. We just used quilling glue. All of the petals were curled up to add some dimension.

The stems are the other sunflower on the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge. The flower on the top wasn’t used, but we cut them at 5.00 height. We just cut the blossom off of the top because we just wanted the stem. The stems were glued directly to the matte, but the leaves were left bent up slightly to add some dimension. The stems were also inked with the same butterscotch used on the mattes.

A little bow was added to the bottom using ¾ inch ribbon and is about 3 ¾” wide.

The text across the top was used by putting all of the letters together with the Cuttin’ Up Cartridge on the Gypsy. They were all welded together to make the sentiment. The size of the letters was .75 before they were welded and grouped. We used a rust colored card stock to cut the sentiment out and then inked it with the same butterscotch ink.

This was what we call in our craft room, “A happy accident”. It was so much fun to put together and we have had more people comment on this one than most we have done before. We sure hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback!

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