Thursday, September 30, 2010

Imagine Pumpkins Card...

Hey Ya'll,
This is another trial with the Imagine.  I sure wish they would get us a Gypsy update.  I have tried to play with the machine, but Cricut just isn't the same without Gypsy... so hopefully soon and then I can really start to have fun with it.  For now, this is a card I made by just playing with the Imagine More artwork and the Simply Charmed cartridge.  I just did auto fill on the page and it printed and cut pretty good sized characters for my normal 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" cards.  Hope you enjoy!  Anyone else loving and really creating some amazing things with their imagine machines yet?
Below is a screen print so you can see how it shows you in color what it's going to look like on the mat.  I really love that feature!  We would love to hear what you think!  Most Sincerely, Bobby


  1. I don't do halloween, but this card is sooo cute!! I love the little pumpkins!!! I think its cute how you both like papercrafting, I wish my hubby was the same way too (he buys me the goods, but He doesn't know how to use them)lol. I just beacame your newest follower! Have a super sweet day!

  2. Hi Bobby and Jill, that's a really cute card. I know you are really wanting the G update, but I have a blog that figured out how to print a sentiment on your cut on the Imagine. Today she posted how to cut anywhere on the "I" mat. If you're interested it's She has videos. Hope this helps.

  3. BEAUTIFUL card - I haven't had a chance to play still!!! So busy with this and that - work was a nightmare! Love this pumpkin card!

  4. Those are so cute, just love their little faces.