Monday, January 3, 2011

Farwell 2010

Hey Ya'll,
Just have a couple of late Christmas cards to share with you, but 2010 decided to become one of the worst ends to the year we have ever experienced and Christmas ended up terrible.  I won't harp on it because it does no one any good, so here is our new years cards for 2010-2011.  We just couldn't resist and had to try to get some humor into life somewhere.  Hee! Hee!  Hope you enjoy.
 This is the inside of the card.
The next one is Jill's first ever Gypsy Creation!  I am so proud of her!  she works on projects with me, but this is the first time she did every bit of the layout herself.  I can be a little protective of my secret Gypsy relationship, so we cashed in points the otherday and got her a Gypsy of her very own!  Hee! Hee!
She used mirrored gold cardstock for the details.  I think it turned out so beautiful!
 She used 3D adhesive to pop out the different layers and even added a couple of I-Rock gems to the sleigh.
 This is one I did that got out late.  I was really happy with the way it turned out.

 This is the inside of the card.
Well, we hope that you all had a better Christmas and New Years than we did.  We wouldn't wish it on anyone... but... On to bigger and better things!  We have lots of great new projects coming up, so please keep watching.  My dad said the other night, as we were all together... sitting around and feeling sorry for ourselves... 2011 will be our year of Victory!  We all had an "Oprah Ah Ha Moment"!  So... our wish for ourselves and for all of you is that "2011 will be YOUR year of Victory!"
Most Sincerely,
Bobby & Jill


  1. All you cards are amazing, you too need to try and have them published in the Cricut Magazine. And as for your 2010 Sucked card ROFL, seriously 2010 was a very rough year and I know someone who really needs to get this card! What cartrige did you use?

  2. Missed you guys, love all the cards amazing as always. Watch out here comes Jill with her Gypsy LOL. So so sorry you had a bad year, but that means things can only go up from here. If there is something I can do to make it better please let me know. I love your new look

  3. I love all your cards -- they're beautiful, even the "sucks" one! LOL!

    However, I am sorry your year ended on a not-so-good note. I pray 2011 will be an amazing year for you!!!

    Love your new look!

  4. What a wonderfull trio of cards. It is hard to tell who designed which.

    Now you are in your planning stage for the coming year I wonder if I might ask a favour of you! Here in the UK we get so little help from Provocraft and we are so disillusioned with the MB. We all used to love the old message board and had terrific chats but since moving to the new message board it is an entirely different story! We can’t stay logged in, we can’t have threads more than 15 pages long, we are restricted what we can discuss etc etc. So having a little time to spare (I don’t think) on New Year’s Day I created our own forum where we can stay logged in, we can discuss what we want – crafty or not, threads can be as short or long as we like etc etc. Basically we make the forum how we want and as admin I try to implement the requests to make them work. As one of our threads we have a monthly challenge, we are discussing a crciut lending library, a cricut cut swap, an atc swap, a stamped image swap, a shopping place recommendation etc etc I am sure you get the drift. Now another path I would like to follow is a guest designer project/tutorial one a month having various different designers each month. The ten million dollar question - Would you consider being one of our guests?
    Pop over to us and take a look:
    Happy New Year from UK, it would be great to have a male designer join us but you might feel a bit hen pecked!


  5. So sorry to you had a bad Holiday, but wishing you a happy New Year!! The cards are fabulous and way to go Jill, Awesome job!!