Tuesday, January 25, 2011

They can't all turn out great...

Hey Ya'll,
Well, as we all know, they can't all turn out great.  This is one that I really wasn't happy with the end result... I didn't really even finish it, but I thought the concept was fun, so I would go ahead and share it.
 This card was created using 3 Birds on Parade, Birthday Cakes, Christmas, Everyday Paper Dolls, Senimentals, Sweethearts and Handy Man Lite.  The house is from Handy Man Lite.  The Shadow was cut at a height of 4.00, copied and then one copy was flipped and both pieces were welded together to make the card shape.  The heart is from Birthday Cakes, cut at a height of 2.60 and is also welded to the house shape on both sides on the card base.  Two extra hearts were cut at 2.60 for layering and then two more cut at 2.30 to center.  Love Shack is from 3 Birds on Parade and cut at a height of 1.30.  
On the inside of the house (also the inside of the card) The windows are from Christmas Solutions and cut at a height of 1.50.  The drapes are also from Christmas and cut at a height of .60.  The lamps are from Sentimentals and cut at a height of 1.20.  The bed is from Paper Dolls for Everyday and cut at a height of 2.10.  The tables are from Sentimentals and cut at a height of 1.00.  The couple is from Sweethearts and cut at a height of 2.70.

Like I mentioned before, I ended up really unhappy overall, but I thought the concept was fun and worth mentioning.  If you recreate this card, please let me know.  I would love to see it done right.  Hee! Hee!  Thanks for looking!  The next one will be better... Promise!


  1. I think that it is really cute, I have those project that I just cant get right too. they usually end up thrown across the room and then after my temper tantrum I figure it out. Keep working out it cause the Idea is great!

  2. This is a great idea for a card! I really like it :)

  3. We all have things that we don't think are quite right. Aren't we our worse critics? I think it is a very cute card. It's a great idea and the next time you try something similar (and you will) you'll like it better. I still think it's great.

  4. I love it, and think it's beautiful!!! Can't figure out what you're dissatisfied with about it!

  5. I love love it, can't see why you don't like it. It is amazing and so glad you decided it share it with us. The details are incredible. Maybe if it is the front you don't like add some flowers behind the pick fence

  6. OMG, this is the most adorable thing I've seen. Perhaps it didn't turn out as the "card" you wanted it to be; but you made something even better. You have a dollhouse!! It's fabulous!