Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cricut Circle Magazine Challenge Kiss Arrangement...

Hey Ya'll,
This is a Hershey Kiss Floral Arrangement I made for the Cricut Circle Magazine Challenge. Hope you enjoy it.  Lots of pictures and details.


We want you to create a fun Valentine’s Day Project. It can be anything from classroom treats to a gift for your sprecial someone!  Please use at least four Cricut cuts and include something edible in the design (even if it’s just candy inside). 

First of all, you need to know how to make the kiss roses.  For this design, I followed the recipe provided on Hershey's Website.  This is the Link - Link to Hershey's Kiss Roses - with the instructions for making roses.
For this project, I made them using only one kiss at a time.  Since I used the Cricut Flowers, two would have been too large.
This is what the stems look like when the first step is complete.  You will need some silk rose leaves, or some leaves cut from your Cricut.  The most important thing to know, is use very, very good quality floral tape and very strong wire.  At least 18 gauge wire will work for this project.  Anything less weight, make sure you pre-wrap two or three pieces together with floral tape before beginning so that they are strong enough to hold the weight of the chocolates and paper flowers.  The tape that I use, and the only tape I use, is Flora-tape.  You can buy a roll or two from your local florist if you can't find it in the craft stores.  Other tapes tear too easily and will leave gummy fingerprints all over your clear cellophane wrapping the kisses.
The next thing you will need is several flower Cricut Cuts.  These are from Paisley.  Both are cut at a height of 3.70.  You will need 9 out of patterned paper, 12 out of red card stock and 24 of the cut on the bottom right out of red card stock.  Ink the patterned and top red with your favorite ink.  I used a Chocolate Brown for mine.
The next step is to take a pen or tool and roll the petals of each flower over the rounded edge to curve all the petals.  Once you have done that, cut a little X slit in the center of each flower.  This will allow you to poke the kiss rose stem through the center of the flower and push it up the the kiss rose blossom.
You will want to put your patterned paper on first.  There are 9 stems that will have the patterned paper used on the roses.  For the last three, you will just skip the patterned paper and start with the next step.
This is what it will look like when you have added the second blossom.

For the next blossom, you want to turn the petal curve the opposite direction so that it almost has a fantasy flower iris kind of look.  You can do this the other way if you want, but this is what I did.
Once you have added all of your blossoms, add two of the silk rose leaves.  If you don't have them, add some you cut with your Cricut.  This is what the completed stem looks like before going to the next step.
For the rest of the project, I used a glittery stiff fabric organza that I found at Joann's.  Simply take the yard goods and cut it into squares that are 7 inches by 7 inches.  This is a really great size for your flowers.  Simply poke your wire stem bottoms through the center of the organza, gather is up a bit where you want it on the stem and twist on a little more floral tape to hold it in place.
This is how the completed roses look with the organza added.
For the next step, I used the Cricut Imagine and The Imagine Cartridge Imagine More Cards, The Shapes built into the imagine (Scalloped Heart and Heart), and the Traditional Cricut Cartridge, Holiday Cakes for the Happy Valentine's Day.  This is a picture of the screen on the imagine.  The Scalloped Hearts were cut at a height of 4.70 and 2.00.  The regular hearts were cut at a height of 4.00 and 1.60.  The Happy Valentine's Day was cut at a height of 3.00 for both the phrase and the phrase shadow.  All were flood filled (except the shadow for the phrase) from Imagine More Cards.
Once they were all cut, I assembled them and added red stickles on a couple of smaller scrap hearts to glitter them up so they coordinate with the glittery organza.  I also dotted iridescent stickles around the scalloped pattern of the hearts.  I also used Glossy Affects on the phrase (just on the red).  Once they have dried and are all assembled, you can use a strong tape to add them to the wire pieces.  If you are making a centerpiece, you can also cut everything twice and put one on each side of the wire to make the whole things two sided.
Once you have all of your prep work done, put everything together in an arrangement.  This was a little red metallic cup I had.  I used iridescent Cellophane (Michaels) and red organza around the edge of the cup.  I used a pick machine that I have for floral arrangements.  You can use hot glue and toothpicks if you don't have a pick machine.  I also made a bow that was about 5 to 6 inches and added it to the front.

This was such a fun project to make.  Can you tell, I really want a cake machine?  Hee! Hee!  We would love to hear your comments.  If you like this, we will try to make more in the future and post them here in the blog.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. OH MY GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! How fantastic!

  2. This is so beautiful! I love the detail they look so real! It would be like getting a bouquet! BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Oh, my, that turned out just beautiful!

  4. That is completely amazing. I'm pretty sure those will be some Hershey kisses that might not get eaten. I certainly wouldn't want to rip that apart for a piece of candy. You did a great job. I'm planning on entering this contest but have to admit, you have got my vote.