Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Monthly Circle Blog Challenge Banner

Hey Ya'll, 

This is our project for the Circle Monthly Challenge for the Circle Blog.


Banners are everywhere! We love their versatility and the way they can be customized for any occasion. For this challenge, we want you to create a banner with any theme you would like. You may use THIS POST as inspiration, or feel free to create something completely new. Project must be newly created for this challenge.

The Cartridges I used were 3 Birds on Parade, Paisley & Tie the Knot.  The banner shapes are from Tie the Knot and cut at a height of 5.30.  The font is from 3 Birds and cut at a height of 2.30.  The birds are from 3 Birds and cut at a height of 3.40.  One bird and all layers are flipped for the other side.  The white flower is from paisley at a height of 3.70.  I used a 2 slot ribbon punch on the corners of the banners to feed the ribbon through.

This was a fun and surprisingly quick project.  Hope you all like it!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Your "Spring" banner is so adorable!!! It's so cute how the little birdies are supporting it on each end. It's going to look great on the Circle Blog!!!


  2. you did a great job on this banner. I love the birds on each end!