Sunday, March 13, 2011

A little time off...

Hey Everyone,
Well, it has been one heck of a week.  It will probably another week before we will have anything new to share on the blog.  On Wednesday, my Dad had a pretty serious heart attack.  This was such an incredible shock to all of us.  My Dad is is very good health.  Fortunately, his heart is very healthy.  It was a blood clot that caused the heart attack.  He has had an amazing recovery since and should be completely fine, but it has sure shaken our family and put our lives on hold for a while.  God is always so good to us, and even though this was such a scare for us, he is still taking very good care of us.  Dad is already home and relaxing.  Please pray.  We really believe that the prayers that started right away have certainly helped him with such an amazing jump start to his recovery, but prayer works and we sincerely appreciate it.  I still have to make him a get well card.  One thing about get well cards... when you are at the hospital the whole time, you really can't get a card made.
Anyway, we are so blessed!  Daddy's home!  Thank you all, so much for visiting!  Promise, next week, something amazing!


  1. I so very sorry to hear about your dad. I'm glad that he is home. I will be praying that he is better soon. I will keep you all in my thoughts.

  2. I am glad that your dad is making good progress in his recovery. Prayers are going out for you and your family.

  3. I am glad to hear your dad is home and doing better. When you have time, stop by my blog I have something for you.

  4. OMG, just when you think you feel bad, life sure can let you know someone is having an even more difficult time -- kind of puts things in perspective!

    I'm so sorry about your dad having the heart attack, but I am so happy he's doing better! God is good, and sometimes we take for granted that goodness and all our blessings!

    I will pray that all continues to go well and, of course, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I'll see you back once it's convenient for you to be back! But, I'll miss you until then!

    Big hugs to you and your family

  5. So glad your Daddy is getting better. What a tough time to go through. We love ya man! ((((HUGS))))

  6. Just dropping in to say "hi", Happy St. Patty's Day, and to let you know you and the family are all still in my thoughts and prayers!


  7. Good Afternoon,

    I am Mistyrose and just became your latest follower!!! and I am so pleased that Momo sent me to meet you. YOur work is just lovely and thanks so much :0)