Thursday, March 3, 2011

We have been given a blog award!

Hey Ya'll,

Miss Audrey with Cute and Some gave us a Blog Award!  You have to check out Audrey's Blog!  We recently awarded her with our BFB Blog Award.  Her talent is amazing and projects are both over the top in creativity, but always have such an elegant look.
In order to accept this award, we must list 5 things about ourselves and it must include why we enjoy crafting.  Then we must forward this award on to 5 other bloggers with a description as to what makes their blog work so special... so... here goes...

Things about ourselves...
1.  Paper crafting is something somewhat new to Jill and I.  I am a designer and do just about everything else, but when we got married, we wanted to try something that we could learn together.  We were very skilled collectors for a couple of years until Cricut came into the picture.  Now, we are pretty much obsessed, as you can tell from our blog.
2.  We have two little girls (so we call them).  Two little Chihuahuas.  They are pretty much our kids.  An old fat one named Boots, and a young skinny one named Choxie.  They are an absolute joy!
3.  We are home bodies.  We love our time at home and love keeping a nice home.  Some people travel, some have tons of activities all the time, but we love our time at home.  Whether it's crafting, working in the yard, washing the cars, doing laundry or just watching TV with a snoring chihuahua in our laps, we love home and it loves us back!
4.  We live by... Life is too short!  One of the things that bound us together is the lack of understanding of people who just live life to make themselves and others miserable.  We don't have a perfect lifestyle, but it's ours, we are blessed to have it and are going to live it happy and to the best of our ability.  Anyone who wants to interfere with that will simply fall out of our circle.  Life is too short!  Enjoy it now, you may not have tomorrow.
5.  Crafting is a joy and we love to simply make cards for friends, gift for family, etc.  With that, we started this blog last year.  We have made so many AMAZING friends with crafting nerds just like us!  There are many people in this world that will never understand it and that is fine.  Unfortunately, they don't know what they are missing out on.  It has been a joy to meet so many wonderful people who are passionate about their love of crafting a hand made card, scrapbook layout or just a note of excitement about a new toy.  Our life is full of more and more joy everyday and we couldn't be more thankful.

Now... With that, here are 5 of our talented friends that we are passing this award on to.

1.  Nana Donna is a wonderful blogger friend and is just so talented!  You can see her love for crafting in every project!  Check out her blog often.  She shares so much wonderful content!
2.  Cricut Diaries is a fantastic blog run by Summer and Jennifer.  They have great projects and are fearless and will try anything!  Lately, they have added lots and lots of wonderful projects using the Imagine.  I am inspired every single day with their fun crafts!
3.  Daily Grace Creations is another amazing blog run by Peggy and Donna.  Their designs always have a great touch of elegance, but the stories behind their projects really show their passion for creating the perfect design, not just crafting.  Everything has meaning and it's just so inspiring to see!
4.  Melissa Made is a wonderful friend and we are constantly amazed with every single project she creates.  She is brilliant with color and you can truly see her love of design and spectacular use of color in every single project.  We just love everything!
5.  Love, Laughter and Creations is run by Sherri.  I always go to Sherri's blog, particularly when I am looking for something whimsical and fun.  Sherri's blog, simply put, is charming!  Her designs are always colorful, fun and she always does something really clever.  ALWAYS!

Thank you SO much Audrey!  It means so much to be recognized and we are so blessed for knowing you and getting to follow your blog and see every talented design that you share!


  1. Congrats! I loved your 5 things about yourselves - I love being home too. Your recipients are terrific bloggers too!

  2. Congratulations, and THANK YOU,,you guys are amazing and always so inspiring to me. Loved reading the 5 things about you. :)

  3. Congrats to you on the award and to all your awardees!11

  4. Congratulations!!! and Ah, thanks guys!!! I love it!!
    Hugs and thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!