Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How sweet is this?!?

Hey Ya'll,
Well, we have been given another wonderful Blog Award!  YAY!!!  This one is really sweet!  This one comes from Cricut Craftin' Grammy!  It took a couple of days to get this posted, but you just have to go and check out her blog!  Talk about busy!  I have never seen so many layouts in one post and they are all just amazing!  Thanks so much for the award!
The rules for the award are to thank the person who gave you the award, which is Cricut Craftin' Grammy and provide a link back to their blog.  Simply click on her name and it will take you there so you can see her amazing creations!
The next thing is to tell 7 random things about yourself.
1.  We love our time at home (mostly for crafting).
2.  We love to cook.
3.  We have gone so Cricut Crazy that we have literally created a formula with 6 different ways that we excuse mad money to go into a Cricut Only account.
4.  We have discovered the joys of having cars with over 150,000 miles and no longer use new cars.  We have had high mileage cars for almost 3 years now and are completely floored with the money we have saved over the last 3 years.  Cars just aren't worth the money anymore and we are certainly a testament to that.
5.  We love reality TV.
6.  Our Chihuahuas are taken care of and treated better than more people's children.
7.  We just this week tried sewing on paper for the first time and really love it!
The final thing is to pass this award to 8 of your friends.
Cute and SomeMelissa MadeDaily Grace CreationsShe's a Sassy LadyGaby CreatesNana Donna's Card DreamsCricut Diaries, and Nonna's Craft Corner.

Again, Thanks so much Suzanne for the wonderful award!  It means so much to us!  Thanks to everyone for stopping by today!  We sure enjoyed the visit!


  1. Well, thank you so much!!! I stopped in to congratulate you on your award, and how nice to find you're passing it on to me -- don't I have perfect timing!!! LOL!

    Thanks again so very much! I'll post it on my next post!


  2. Thanks for all your "sweet" comments. So happy you loved the award and are passing it on to other crafty friends. Keep on craftin!