Monday, July 4, 2011

Birthday Clown Card - Re-Created...

Hey Ya'll,
This is a very fun card that I made with the Gypsy.  This is a re-creation of an incredible design that I scraplifted from the brilliant Jeannie Phillips.  You can see her incredible designs on Jeannie's Blog.  Whenever I get into a funk, I always check out he blog again and just try to see if I can make one of her adorable cards.
 For this card, I made a half card.  I followed Jeannie's Instructions and welded pieces together using basic shapes from George and Basic Shapes.  The Bow is from Paisley.  The hat is from Paper Doll Dress Up.  the Happy Birthday is from Stamping Solutions and the Balloons are from Celebrations.  The Hair is from Pooh and Friends.
 For the face, start with a large oval.  Weld two hears to the oval to make his ears.  The hair layer is a cloud from Pooh and Friends.  For the collar, I took some white/iridescent wired ribbon that is about 2 feet long.  I took the wire out of one side so that it would be loose.  I took the wire from the other side, kinked one end and then pulled so that the ribbon would ruffle into a big spiral.  I then took a little thread and tacked it down to the bottom scalloped circle.  I then added two 3D adhesive squares in the middle of the gathered ribbon and added the smaller scalloped circle on top.
 I inked everything on the card and used glossy accents on the black part of his eyes to make them stand out.  His eyes are simple oval and circle shapes from George.
I also used Glossy Accents on the Happy Birthday (not the shadow).  It really makes the letters stand out and makes them more interesting against the shadows.  Thanks so much Jeannie for sharing your incredible talents and allowing me to scraplift this amazing design.  I hope you like it!  Thanks to you all for visiting today!  I would love to hear what you think!


  1. Holy cow what an amazing card

  2. What a wonderful card! And you did Jeanie proud! She is such an inspiration for all of us. Love how your card turned out. TFS

  3. This is a wonderful job and Jeannie would be proud. She is a dear and cherished friend. One of the most talented ladies I know. Her card are one of a kind. I miss her cards but she is doing and having so much fun with her new hobby.
    You do her proud..........

  4. A most adorable and fun card!!! Sooooo cute!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you guys enjoyed a wonderful 4th too!

    I'll be back to visit when I get back from our family reunion in Atlanta!