Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sometimes Simple is just Better...

Hey Ya'll,
I am so excited to share this card and box with you today.  A dear friend at work is going home on her vacation to visit her mother.  She will be 82 this year.  She asked me if I could make her a very special card for her and of course, I said YEP!  I asked her a couple of questions and this is what she told me.  She said that one of her fondest memories was the farm that they grew up on.  She said that there were these lovely lavender wild roses just everywhere on their farm land and that the two of them would spend time together admiring, picking and taking care of these lovely flowers.  She wanted a card that would be completely obvious that is was from her.  So... here is what I did.
I found this image on Google Images and printed it off for inspiration.  I then started looking for the petal shape. I thought it would be easy, but it took some time.  I found the perfect shape on Forever Young!  It has some cuts in the center, so I used the Gypsy and contoured out the center cuts so that it was just a solid shape.  I cut them all out of white stock and inked them in an orchid colored ink.  I cut rose leaves from Mother's Day Bouquet.  Then I cut Happy Birthday with Gypsy Wanderings out of a deep purple and then  cut Mother our of Mother's Day Seasonal.
I inked all of the white flowers with the Orchid Ink.  I let the ink dry and then used a stylus to rub the flowers until they were the same shape as the flowers in the picture.  For the center, I used a yellow fine tip and rust colored marker and drew in a bunch of stamens.  I then used a little spiral tool and spun around 2 inch pieces of yellow pipe cleaners and glued them down for the centers.  I was so excited with the way they turned out.
 For the leaves, I used the soft mat and scored in textured veins using a bone folder.  This makes them look so real!  Don't be too precise... they look more realistic when you don't try to make them all perfect.  Hee! Hee!
 For the inside, I just used a leftover white mat from the box for the sentiment mat.
 I wanted to do something equally special for the envelope and this card was very 3D, so I took the gypsy and laid out a shape from Story Book in the center of a 12x12 piece of card stock.  This formed the window shape on the lid.  I took a white piece of card stock and cut the same shape twice for the front.  One a little larger than the lid cut and one smaller than the lid cut.  This gave me a frame for the window.
I took a piece of acrylic (cut out from the wrapping on one of my cartridges) and stick it into place.  I used 3D adhesive on the Mother to stick it across the front and then added another flower with a few leaves on the front of the box.  Over all, it's so simple in design, but really pops with WOW!  This was such a pleasure and a fun challenge.  I hope you all will try it sometime.  I can't wait to hear what you think!  Thanks so much for visiting today!


  1. Absolutely stunning. Love the colors and the box is amazing.

  2. Beautfiul card. The flower looks so real. Love your cards. TFS

  3. Okay, my jaw is hanging open. You never cease to amaze me. So very beautiful.

  4. It is absolutely stunning........she will love it and you captured those memories perfectly.

  5. Oh my Heck! This is just GORGEOUS! I swear you guys out do yourselves! I LOVE it! :o)

  6. You are just making me try one of this boxes! Stunning project!!

  7. Okee dokee --- my jaw is hanging on the floor right now. Holey toledo! That is simply stunning!!! TFS! :-)