Monday, July 11, 2011


Hey Everyone,
OK... So, all you Cricut Imagineers out there... I need a little help.  BUT!  There is something in it for you.  I have had this cartridge since the second week after the Imagine Launch on HSN.  I really like this cartridge and I really love the images on it, but as soon as I sit down to design something with it, I go completely blank.  Ever have one of those cartridges?  So here is the challenge.
 Enlarge the image below which are the 20 designs that come on this cartridge.  Think about them and then let those creative juices start flowing.  When you start coming up with something, leave us a comment telling us what type of Congratulations Card you would make if you had this cartridge.  You can e-mail sketches or whatever you want. The e-mail address is  If you e-mail, still leave a comment.
Basically, you will be challenging me to following your directions.  Jill will pick a project for me to make from the comments and I will make it up as closely as I can to the directions.  Whoever provides the winning pattern will win the completed Congratulations card AND this wonderful cartridge!!!  Pretty cool?  I will make my standard half card size, but really want to make something amazing.  The only rule?  No rules!  It can be seasonal... It doesn't matter.  Just say what you would do with it!

We sure hope you have fun with this!  We can't wait to hear what ya'll come up with!  You have until Wednesday Night (July 13th) at 5:00PM to leave this comment.  We will announce the winner the following week (giving me time to make something.  Hee! Hee!)  Sound like fun?  Let's see who's in!!!  Go for it!


  1. Came up with a little something for you. Great ideas you have here!

    Linda V

  2. Hi! I don't have this cart either. However, I would love to see what it would look like if you made an outdoor scene and used the patterns for each item. For example, cut a tree out using the bark, cut out flowers using the flowers, cut out grass filling with the grass etc. I think it would look awesome!!! Great challenge!!
    gaudet5 at rogers dot com

  3. What a neat contest. Love it! I came up w/ a li'l idea for you that I've e-mailed to you.
    Hope you like it! :-)

    Thanks for a chance to win this awesome cart. :-)

  4. All I can think is of my sister purchasing a 'by the beach condo' and sending her a card using the beach and sand design...good luck to all