Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Coffee Card...

Hey Ya'll,
So... This is a card that I had to put together very fast.  So... need a fast card?  Fire up the Imagine.   Hee! Hee!  My boss came up with a really wonderful program to help keep up moral in the workplace.  Every week, she invites a few associates for Coffee with the Boss.  Nothing is off limits and anything goes.  I have lead programs like this in the past and was so excited and proud of her for starting this on her own that I had to celebrate.  This card was simply a gesture of support to say that we were all huge fans of the program... but... I got my invitation the day before the first meeting.  Hee! Hee!  Oops... didn't give me much time to get this one together.
 All in all, This card took about 20 minutes to put together and the gloss and glitter dried overnight.  I used the Yummy Cartridge for everything.  The background paper, the mats (Imagine Built in Shapes) and all cuts.  I inked everything with a chocolate ink.
I added glossy accents on the sentiment, coffee and then added glitter to the steam and here and there for accents.  A simple piece inside to write on finished it up.  I also made her a box full of invitations, but (this is really stupid) I made them all up, hand made an adorable box and then forgot to take any stinkin' pictures!!!  So sorry about that.  I am sure I will be making more before long, so I will share them then.

On a personal note... The coffee with the boss meetings are not manditory.  If you don't want to show up, you don't have to.  In the second meeting using my invitations, one of the ladies (always negative about everything) told her that she didn't really want to come to the meeting, but felt that she should because it was good enough to get an invitation that I made.  Hee! Hee!  Isn't that cool?  YAY!

Thanks so much for visiting today.  I would love to hear what you think of it.


  1. Gorgeous. I'm sitting here having my coffee and I see this wonderful card. Just looking at it makes my mouth water. LOL I am sure your boss loved all the cards you made. See, you even made a "negative" person see something positive. Have a great weekend.

  2. You've got to be kidding me!!! I think you're being too modest -- no way is this a quick card nor does it look like it goes together quickly -- it's beautiful!!!

    Cheers to your boss, sounds like a wonderful program. Unfortunately, when I was working my boss didn't have to start such a program as far as I was concerned because when I felt like I wanted to talk (and he didn't appear too busy) I'd just pop in with coffee for the both of us, plop down and get to talking... Same results!!! LOL!!!

  3. This is so pretty. Does not seem simple at all. The coffee in the cup looks liquid. Great card.

  4. Sweet sweet card, you are amazing 20 minutes???? It takes me that long to decide what cartridge to use LOL If I ever made a card in 20 minutes the sky would fall

  5. What a beautiful card and in such a short time! Love it. TFS

  6. 20 Minutes? Really? You are one fast crafter! I LOVE the card but it would take me longer than 20 minutes! LOL

  7. That is definitely "sweet"!! ;-) The coffee looks good enough to have a sip of! :-)

    Only "you", Bobby, could turn a "non-attender" into an "attender". Very cool!!! :-)