Monday, September 5, 2011

Mom's Christmas Card Lesson...

Hey Ya'll,
I am so excited to share these cards with you today!  My Mom has recently somewhat retired, so we are spending a day together each week so that she can get used to using all of that Cricut stuff we have been buying for her over the years that she has never had time to use.  Hee! Hee!  In our most recent lesson, she wanted to get a jump start on her Christmas Cards.  She only had one rule... In our family, we celebrate "Christmas", so the word Christmas has to be front and center of everything.
 For the first card, we used craft style card stock.  The sentiment at the top is a label shape cut from Preserves.  The snowman is from the Gingerbread Seasonal Cartridge.  We used a stamp from the stash that said Merry Christmas and Stays On white ink with white embossing powder so that it looked like icing.  Then it was all about decorating the cuts like Gingerbread Cookies using liquid applique in different colors.  Finally, on the edges the white icing of the snowman, we used iridescent stickles.  The snowman was cut at a height of 5.50 and the labels were cut at a width of 2.80 and 3.10.  It was actually quite simple to make this card and we sure had a great time!
The second one was also quite simple.  We used the snowman face from Christmas Cheer and cut all of his layers.  He is also at a height of 5.50.  We cut a white label shape out using Pop-Up Neighborhood.  It was stretched on the Gypsy at a width of 3.25.  This was also stamped.  We used a Martha Corner Punch for the snowflake corners on the mat.  We added a ribbon to his hat and on the bottom behind the label.  We also took the centers from the snowflake punch cut outs and added two to the label and one to his hat.  I was so proud of the job she did on the cards and she is so excited to get to send them out.  We didn't get a lot of designs done, but we got 4 of each of these two done and then went to lunch and Michaels to celebrate.  Hee! Hee!  I am afraid that this is how most of our craft lessons will end up.  But... seriously... she needed some Stays-On Opaque for her own craft room, right?  Hee! Hee!  Please leave lots of comments so that I can print them off and brag on her with these and stay tuned.  You never know what we will work on next!  Thanks so much for visiting today!


  1. Those are both great designs! Easy enough to replicate for several cards but with enough detail to say "handmade". Great job!

  2. How wonderful you can do this together. The cards are fabulous. I also agree with your mom. "Christmas" should be front and center. No shortcuts. I don't care about "politically" correct. I'd rather be spiritually correct. Hey, after all the hard work, you should end up at Michaels. It's like getting a gold star in grade school.

  3. are an excellent and your Mom is an excellent student! Both designs are fabulous, but I've always been partial to Gingerbread! I agree with your Mom...the word Christmas does NOT have the letter X in it anywhere and I refuse to spell it that way. I also love the way you finished up your crafting session...lunch and Micheals...two of my favorite things! Can't wait to see the results of your next get together!

  4. Oh, those cards are adorable!!! What a blessing to able to share with your mom!

  5. The cards are adorable and how cool is that retireing and being able to use all this wonderful equipment! No time limits. I love it!