Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sassy Witch Project...

Hey Ya'll,
Well, today is another Sassy Dude Project day.  Sheila let me have an extra spot this month on She's a Sassy Lady.  Now, if you remember on the 22nd, we had some blog candy which is the adorable Wicked stamp set.  So... I figured I would use it here and show you how I made up my papers for this card.  The winner is named at the end of this post.  You didn't think I would actually start with it, did you?  Hee! Hee!
So, to make this card, I used Happy Hauntings and Close To My Heart's Art Philosophy cartridge.  This is actually very simple to do.  I simply stretched the frame cut from Happy Hauntings so that it would fit on this card.  The card is 8 1/2" by 5 1/2".  Below are how the cuts look on the mat.  For this design, you will want to leave the paper on the mat for a bit.
 I simply used black and white card stock for this design.  It's probably not easy to see in the picture, but the black has the oval opening cut out and the white is the base layer.  The skulls for the corners are also on the bottom of the white side.
 For the black side, I used a metallic copper ink and a craft sponge.  I simply tapped the craft sponge on the in and then tapped it over the black frame until I was happy with it.  The same applies to the white frame.  I used a dark yellow, rust and lime green ink... tapping one color at a time until I was happy with it.  I then tapped black over the skulls.  For the next picture, you will probably have to blow it up to see the detail.  I do a lot of painting and I wanted to have this spider web in the background.
To create the spider web, I just took a very thin liner brush, dipped it in water to moisten it and then ran it across a black ink pad.  Then I just free handed the webs and the little spider.  You could do this with your markers if you are more comfortable, but I am more comfortable with a brush.
 I then used the sort of honeycomb stamp that came with the set and stamped the top right and bottom left corners.  I then used Cocoa ink on the witch.  When the witch is dry, I then took a black fine tipped marker and detailed a couple of extra places on the witch. You should be able to see that detail if you blow up the picture too.  I then used black ink on all edges of the white frame.
 When everything was dry, I put it all together.  I didn't think about the top layer oval, so when I put it together, I lost my little spider that I painted, but oh well.  Hee! Hee!  The Wicked Halloween is also from this adorable stamp set, inked in Cocoa after it was tapped with ink like the main background.  This is a tag shape from the CTMH cartridge.  I used 3D adhesive to stand up the layers and the skulls.
 I cut my background mats at 8 1/4" x 5 1/4".  I added the purple in the center.  It was cut 3" x 8".  I also stamped this cat (don't like cats) on a scrap white piece of card stock and cut my sentiment mat.  I used a rounded corner punch on the corners and inked everything in cocoa ink.  I really think this witch is pretty sassy, so it had to be used for this extra design day.  Besides, it's the Giveaway plus the font set!
We want to thank everyone for playing along with our little giveaway and the winner actually makes today's play along even more appropriate.  The winner is non other than Miss Sassy Herself!  Sheila!!!  So, Congratulations Miss Sassy!  Your stamp sets are on their way and I am also sending you THIS card for inspiration!  Thanks so much for participating!

Ok... So before I go, I would like to invite you back tomorrow as our new friend Shakey will be premiering her first guest design spot on She's a Sassy Lady.  If you want, you can go ahead and visit Shakey's Blog at The Crafty Pink Butterfly!  Thanks so much for visiting today.  We would love to know what you think of the card today and would really love it if you stopped by Sassy Sheila's blog today and wished her a big congrats!


  1. Great card to go along with a great giveway....lucky Sassy. ;)

  2. Oh I just love this card - your attention to detail always blows my mind! Gorgeous Halloween card and i can't wait to see more! Congrats Sassy on your win!!

    I don't believe it! I have spent this morning busy putting together a thank you card for you and Jill for my birthday gift and haven't even been on line yet!!! I am always so intimidated making people like you a card as you are sooooooo talented! I hope you like the card I made for you and Jill.... don't peek on my site Tuesday as I will be running it then! teehee!
    Again thank you, I love this card you made and can't wait to use this stamp set.

  4. Now that's a Sassy Witch! Gorgeous card with so many fun details! I love those creepy little skulls on the corners of that frame...and that frame!!! WOW...truly amazing. You put so time and detail into each and every element of this card and it was all soooooo worth it! Don't know what else to say...except I love this! Visiting your blog just makes me happy!!!

  5. Saw this over at Sheila's, my friend!!! Of course, I love-love it!!!


  6. Woohoo, that is one sexy witch! I love it! Great technique too!

  7. I just love your card! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I would not have believed you started with white paper!! Love the inking and painting you did!! This card rocks!!!

  9. The frame and inking of the white paper really makes the witch look elegant. What a wonderful card!!!!

  10. I LOVE the frame and the inking looks awesome with this Witch! Great Card! :o)