Friday, September 2, 2011

This is SO COOL!!! UPDATED...

Hey Ya'll,
Today is a very special day for Jill and me!  Look at the wonderful treat that we got in our e-mail yesterday?  I did an accordian card tutorial on She's a Sassy Lady.  If you would like to see the original tutorial, click HERE.  Well, look at what the lovely Trudi made!!!
She emailed the following:

Hi Bobby & Jill
Just wanted to share with you a card I made from your idea and inspiration.
Thank you and hope you don't mind the scraplifting. Thank you for sharing.
Love you're site and guest blogging.

 first is front and second pic is of inside.

Thank you for sharing.
Well, WE LOVE IT TRUDI!!!  This is the ultimate compliment!  I just wish ours looked as good as yours does!  You totally made our day and we hope you don't mind us bragging on you.  Thank you SO much for e-mailing us and sharing your talent back with us.  You taking your time to use our tutorial to make a project... well... for us... it just doesn't get any better than this.  We are so honored, proud and flattered and you have put big smiles on both of our faces!  Thanks everyone for allowing us to indulge today and brag about a friend!  Got a fun Imagine card coming tomorrow... for us, it's really unexpected.  Can't wait to see you then.  Please leave Trudi a comment and let her know what you think of her version!  Our comment is PERFECT!!!

Trudi sent me another e-mail this morning!  Check these out!
This is the fabulous front of the card!  Lovin' the shoe!
 This is the inside of this amazing card!
 And... Remember Jinger's Thank You Card?  She did it too!  OMG!  Can you believe this?!? It looks just like the one we did the tutorial on!  It's not easy to make my day... two days in a row, but what a blessing Trudi!
People are so busy and it's not easy to comment on everything you like, so you don't always know how many wonderful crafters are enjoying your projects.  This has been such a joy to read and see!  Thanks so much Trudi!  Like I said before, it just doesn't get much better than this!


  1. Wow, Bobby that is jsut awesome! Trudi made a WONDERFUL card it is just AWESOME! I love the colors Trudy and the card is just too cute. Thanks for sharing with Bobby, like he said there is no greater compliment! TFS

  2. Wow...what an awesome card that purple and black! Bobby, you are greater compliment! See...told you that you're an inspiration!!

  3. Wow Trudi you made a spook-tacular card! I just love it. Bobby I wish you and Jill had a blog button that I could put on my blog to share your talent with others. Love your tutorials. Hope you both have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Trudi, those cards are totally fabulous!! Thanks for sharing:)
    So great to see your BFF's work on the blog.
    Absolutly superb.

  5. What a wonderful job trudi did on all her cards!!! They are fantastic!!!

    I've still got to have a go at one of these myself!!!

  6. Trudi made an incredible card and Bobby and Jill, you are a fantastic inpiration with all that you share!

  7. Trudi made some fab cards based on some wonderful inspiration. Love your blog! I had to check out the original flower cart card. I was wondering if you could tell me the carts required to use the gypsy file. I'd like to give it a try but not sure if I have the necessary carts.

    cau0617 at yahoo dot com

  8. WOW! Trudi did an AWESOME job recreating your cards! Your cards are always amazing Bobby & Jill so it's no wonder someone was gonna recreate it! I'm sure their are lots of crafters out their trying to recreate your fabulous creations! I LOVE just coming to see all the talent you 2 have! :o)