Friday, November 18, 2011

Winners, Winners and More Winners...

Good Evening Everyone!
Well, I am so sorry that this post is so late in the day, but this celebration has created such a response and one that we didn't expect.
Jill and I have been having such a great time with all of this that we are actually trying to figure out who the real winners are, and we think it's the two of us.  Your wonderful comments and amazing stories have just blasted us forward in getting ready for Christmas. Both of us work in retail, so Christmas is in full swing... as well as tons and tons of freight and sign changes.  Hee! Hee!  It's such a crazy time of year that it's difficult to find the time to enjoy things and this has really given us the push that we needed so badly.  In addition to that, we have added almost 100 new and wonderful followers!  WELCOME!  YAY!  How exciting is that?!?  So... we feel like the winners here.  Now, make sure that you come back tomorrow.  We have something VERY exciting to announce and you will certainly want to come back for it...  Let's just say... "IT'S NOT OVER YET".  Want to know what that means?  Come back tomorrow.  Hee! Hee!  It's like the season finale of CSI or something, right?  Hee! Hee!

Ok... Well on the first day of this post, we asked everyone to share their favorite Christmas Memory with us and, I tell you, it has been such a joy reading everyone's stories.  So... before we get to the winners, I thought I would share ours.

Jill had a very difficult childhood.  When we started talking about this, it made me sad to find out what her best Christmas memory actually was.  She couldn't remember any positive childhood Christmas memory.  When Jill and I became a couple, before we got married, Jill inherited my whole family.  The good and the bad.  Hee! Hee!  They love her like she has always been in the family.  Our first Christmas together was spent at my parents house all day.  My sister was in town with her son and we were all together as usual.  All of us really go all out for Christmas.  Well, none of us really talked about our gifts for Jill.  I had a business trip to market a month earlier.  Jill's favorite song is Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton.  While I was on this trip, I found a coat that had all kinds of colorful patchwork with denim and picked it up for her.  I also got her a very long, very warm down coat.  (She hates the cold).  My sister had also picked her out a beautiful, very expensive designer coat.  None of us knew until that Christmas morning that Jill had never in her entire life, been given a new coat.  First year together as a new family member, and she got three!  It was such a wonderful day and we all had such a great time as a family...  Jill said this was her best Christmas.  Unfortunately, she didn't have any fun kid memories that many of us love to remember when we hear the first Christmas song play for the season.  Well, it's been 7 wonderful Christmas celebrations now and many more to come, so they will all be good from here on out.

Now... My story is one of those amazing childhood memories.  This particular Christmas was one of those ones where we had to ride in the car for 4 hours to Grandma's house... meaning that I wasn't going to wake up in my own bed on Christmas morning and bounce down the stairs and open presents with Mom, Dad and little Sis.  I had to wake up cold because of the wood burning stove, choking on my uncles chain smoking, waiting until after Grandma and my Aunts spent what seemed like hours making breakfast before we can open presents... etc.  You know the drill.  Hee! Hee!  So... All I really wanted for Christmas this year was an Atari.  Remember when those were the poop at Christmas?!?  You know... Just after computers would fit in a single room?  Hee! Hee!  Well, morning comes... we wait and wait to open presents... my cousins are being their normal selves... totally uncool!  When the dust settles and the trash bags come out for the piles of wrapping paper, there is NO ATARI!  I got clothes.  That was it!  Needless to say... I was P*&@'d!  There is no Santa!  My parents hate me and I just want to go home and feel sorry for myself.  I wasn't the type of kid to act out on it...  I was really bad about just internalizing everything.  I kept my mouth shut.  Waited the 6 hours (felt like 6 weeks) until we went home and tried my best to sleep the entire ride home.  Mom & Dad knew that I was upset, but didn't even bother to ask why.  So... we get home... walk into the house, which should have been dark.  Everything was off when we left.  But... there was this colorful glow coming from the living room.  What was this?  Could it really be??  Did it really happen???  Was there really a Santa Clause???  HOLY CRAP!  He's REAL!!!  When we rounded the corner, my little sis screamed, my parents had huge smiles on their faces and there were presents everywhere!  And the cool ones!  Not the stupid clothes!  YAY!  Everything was wrapped in paper that we had never seen before... It was all from Santa... and then... there it was...  Light comes from above... Angels start to sing... I hear Christmas Bells Ringing... It's here!  An Atari!  OMG!  Needless to say, this bought my parents another 2 years of me still believing in Santa.  Later on, we found out that my parents recruited the assistance of a very sweet neighbor to come in and set up all of the gifts, light up the house and be santa for that year.  It was the perfect setup.  Cocoa was on the counter in the kitchen next to freshly baked cookies...  I mean they went all out.  I will never forget that WONDERFUL Christmas memory.  It was SO much fun.  We don't have any kids, but we do play Santa with the Chihuahuas.  They are both so young now.  Hee! Hee!  Besides, this year is Ozzy's first Christmas!

Ok... So those are our stories.  So are you bored to death yet?  I know... Sorry about that. Let's get to the winners!  In the tradition of the way that we do blog candy, we always make a card for the winner.  I had, because of time, make these in bulk, but this is the congrats card that will come with each prize!
I know... Whatever, right?  Hee! Hee!

The First prize is the DVD Set...  And the Winner is...

Aunt Kissie said...
Love this card! Believe you me I need this prize. I have been looking at a lot of blogs and I have a long way to go before I could ever make things like this. Thanks for the chance and good luck to all winners!

The Second Prize is the Card Making Kit Set... And the Winner is...

miislucky has left a new comment on your post "Checking it Twice...500 Follower Prize": 

I really want this cartridge! This card is really pretty! I love the papers and twine is a nice touch!

The Third Prize is the Cricut Everyday Cake Cartridge... And the Winner is...

Sandy from Ukiah has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Nutcracker Card...500 Follower Prize": 

I just can't WAIT to get this cartridge... you are just an enabler.. lol. AND I don't have this cartridge you are giving away.. would love to win this one... have my fingers crossed.. thanks for sharing your amazing talent... 
hugs from ukiah

The Fourth Prize is the Anna Griffin Rub-on Set... And the Winner is...

Candice has left a new comment on your post "Holly Jolly Christmas...500 Follower Prize": 

Love love love this one! The sparkling eyelash yarn gives a feel of whimsy & tinsel! Your amazing creations have pushed me further & further towards getting the Imagine =) It's fabulous how many wonderful cards can be made from one cart!

The Fifth Prize is the Cricut Seasonal Cake Cartridge... And the Winner is...

Tanya has left a new comment on your post "Santa's On His Way... 500 Follower Prize": 

Wow...what a fabulous Santa! You've gone and done it again my friend! This card is just gorgeous and I am keeping an eye on my tracking number as I anxiously await this cartridge! My favorite part of this celebration is visiting your blog daily and ooohing and aahing over your latest creation! Each day has been wonderful and full of beautiful them all! 

The Sixth Prize is the Full Content Holiday Cakes Cartridge... And the Winner is...

Jane O'Leary has left a new comment on your post "Snowballs for sale!... 500 Follower Prize": 

I have enjoyed all of these cards. On this one the candy cane twine around the oval is genius, love it. Now I'm going to have to find some things to replicate this card, don't have an imagine, but I've got a snowman stamp that will work. Thank you for sharing. 

And... Finally... The Grand Prize Winner of the Cricut Cake Mini-Machine is...

Sweet Nancy Gail has left a new comment on your post "The Cricut Couple 500+ Follower Celebration!": 

I am a brand new follower. I found your blog when visiting cuteandsome. I am new with using the cricut machine. I make cakes and this would be such a wonderful thing to use. Not as profession but for friends at work. My favorite Christmas was when I was first married. I got to meet his family for the first time at Christmas and I never felt so much apart of a family as that first dinner. It makes me feel love just thinking about it. No blog for me, but I would announce this if I had a blog. Going to check out your other stuff. Thanks for chance to win. 

OK Everyone... Here we are.  All winners have been announced... Or... Have they???  Hmmm.  I guess you will just have to visit again tomorrow to see what that means.

To all of the winners, you have 72 hours to e-mail us at to claim your prize and provide us an address to ship everything to.  Since this is all about followers, if you don't e-mail us by 5pm on November 21st, we will announce another winner on the 22nd until all prizes are on their way to their new homes.

To everyone else, we are so thankful for each and every one of you and just couldn't stop here.  What does that mean?  Well... You know... tomorrow.  Hee! Hee!  Thank you ALL so much!  Congrats to all the winners.

Oh... And one more thing... I haven't heard anything from ProvoCraft.  I didn't get a cartridge offer, design team offer or even a Cricut Credit.  So to all of you who gave in and ordered the Santa's Village cartridge...  I am SOOOO SORRY!  Cricut Couple is not liable for any financial loss caused from driving to every craft store in the neighborhood looking for a particular cartridge, missing work because all day was instead spent on ebay bidding on a particular cartridge, or the unexpected purchase of a very large machine that just happens to print and cut.  Furthermore, the Cricut Couple can not be held liable for the uncontrollable spending at a Michael's Arts and Craft Supply because the entire collection of Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash Yarn was too irresistible and all colors were unexpectedly purchased because a decision on just one color could not be made.

In closing... please know that we love each and every one of our blogger friends, the inspiration they provide and that there is only one thing that we can say in relation to any of our blogger friends who could not control themselves and leaped on the internet and ordered a cartridge that they didn't have which was inspired by one of our designs...

NA! NA! NA! NA! NAAAAAAA! NA!  Paybacks bite!  Why do you think we now have over 200 cartridges?  It's all your fault!  If you weren't so stinkin' creative, we wouldn't be in this situation, right?

So... to overcome our incredible guilt, please stop by tomorrow as we will try to make up for it.  Hope to see you there!

Bobby & Jill


  1. Congratulations to all the winners! And Congratulations to Jill and Bobby!

  2. You are so crazy. And Jill, I'm so glad you found Bobby. You two are a great couple. Congratulations to you both again and to all the winners. Of course, I'll be back tomorrow. (Great congrats card)

  3. Congratulations to all the winners!

  4. Congrats to all the winners and especially the big winners Bobby and Jill!!! See you tomorrow same place!!! Linda Harris

  5. Congrats winners! Enjoy your new stash!

  6. You are so silly! Congrats to all the other winners. I am honored to be in that ring of fire, lol. I've enjoyed today's story and the lovely card that went with it. Love the purples they are such a pretty color. Thanks for picking me I'll be sending you a note soon. Hugs, Mimi

  7. OH I love your stories that you both loved so much! I'm sorry to hear that Jill had a rough childhood - but now she has you and your family which sounds like a wonderful way to heal. Your creations are truly gorgeous and your blog in an inspiration!
    Congratulations to your winners and to the two of you too - you should be proud!!!
    big fat (((HUGS)))

  8. Congrats to all of the winners.

  9. Congratulations to all the winners. You guys are so cute and funny. Not everyone has wonderful memories of childhood but you try to go on living the best life and make your own wonderful memories which by your story, that's exactly what you are doing. I wish for you to have many more happy years together ;)

  10. I love you guys, you're just toooo funny!!! This was such a fun celebration and you most certainly kept it lively -- it was a pleasure to come by for the amazing projects and the amazing company!!!

    Congratulations to all your wonderful followers -- and this is only the start of something wonderful!!!

    Oh, I'm so glad Jill now has Christmases she can look forward to and with precious memories; and, Bobby, I can relate to your story, it's so similar to my own!!!

    Thanks for the great time!!!

    P.S. To Sweet Nancy Gail: I'm so glad you found your way to my blog to find your way here. I hope you come visit more often, leave me a comment, and let me know when you get your blog up and running so I can see those wonderful cake creations!!! LOL!

  11. I can't believe I won! Thank you so very much!
    Huge congrats on all the followers - it really speaks to the amazing creations you post.
    It's wonderful of you to share your Christmas memories & it's lovely that Jill has great Christmas fun each year with you!
    Thank you again, can't wait to see what you come up with next =)

  12. Congrats to all the lucky winners :) I loved your stories Jill and Bob - both made me tear up. Your posts are always so much fun, I love reading them!

  13. Congrats to all the winners and a special note to you both, your cards are fantastic but more importantly, thank you for sharing your Christmas' stories.Christmas is not so much about the gifts but the thought behind the gift.~Hugs, Mary

  14. Oh my gosh, I am so excited. I'll be emailing you in just a minute, but I had to stop here first and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories. I'm so glad that you two found each other and that you share so much with all of us. I'll be back each and every day to check out all the new stuff you are designing.

  15. O-M-G!!! I read the entire post!... you made me feel sad and happy for Jill, cry and cry of wonderful emotion for both your Christmases (I am an emotional person like that!! I call it passionate, ha!)...laugh about your comment about internalizing everything (and thinking that that explains you now! LOL [out of your shell now!huh?])... Crack up about your ending ProvoCraft comment!.... Best reading material in awhile!! -- Hugs to both!!

  16. Oh my goodness,what a wonderful post. If you ever get tired of the paper creating hobby, you have a calling in the writing field. Your post made me laugh and made me want to cry and brought back some wonderful memories of Christmas past. I truly visiting your blog and top it all off...I won a cartridge! And even better, one that I don't already own...can't believe it! Can't wait to see what you guys are up to tomorrow! Thanks so much your daily inspiration! Oh...and I love the "Provocraft disclaimer"! Just so you know, my "Santa's Village" arrived today :o)

  17. Isn't God amazing? That He would see that Jill got 3 of the same gift that she had never received. My memories of Christmas as a child are not so special either but God gave me a wonderful family. Donna still loves Christmas as though she were a child. Thank you for sharing your stories. I'm glad Jill found you.
    Love you too bunches.

  18. Bobby and Jill, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes now after reading your Christmas memories. The coat story is just so touching. And the story of the neighbors creating Christmas is wonderful. Someone sure was a grat neighbor.

    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful Christmas projects. Each and every one of them have been beyond beautiful. It has been such a treat to visit your blog and see the beauty of your talent. I can't wait to see what our next creation will be.

    Congratulations to all the winners!! I am sure they will all enjoy their new "candy".

  19. Oh, those stories were wonderful! They both made me cry for different reasons. Thanks for sharing them!

  20. You two are just so funny... what a hoot! Your xmas stories made me sad and also very happy! Mine childhood was like being raised by Bill Cosby / Don Knotts and Mary Tyler Moore / Carol Burnett! I have many, many happy memories, and so glad that I do, now that both my parents are gone. This will be my first Holiday without them but I still have all those glorious, wonderful memories to fill me up! Thanks for the stories, the chance to win some great stuff and the smile you put on my face today! See you tommorrow... CSI Cliffhangers always get me!
    Crafty Hugs,

  21. Thanks for a great week of inspiration and fun! Guess what came in the mail today...Santa's Village. :)


  22. Congratulation to all the winner. Bobby & Jill you are the most amazing couple and talented to boot. I hope you enjoy many many Christmases together.
    I loved reading your stories and had tear running now my face, very very touching

  23. Congratulations to all the winners =) Woot! Woot!

  24. Congrats to all your winners and your post was so fun to read. What a fantastic family Christmas memory. I am so sorry that Jill didnt have those wonderful things in her life as a child. Thanks goodness you found each other and enjoy your holidays together!!

  25. Thanks for such a fun week of truly inspiring projects and for sharing your Christmas stories!! I enjoyed thinking back on my own Christmas memories and am so happy you and Jill have each other!

  26. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

    Bobby and Jill, this has been so much fun! I feel like a winner too! Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I even went to YouTube to listen to Dolly Parton between paragraphs. It sounds like things turned out just the way they were supposed to for both of you! Merry Christmas to you and your pups!

  27. Congrats to all the winners and yes you two are the winners, also because you are such a great inspiration to all of us. Hope you have a wonderful and Blessed Holiday Season.

  28. Firstly, congrats to all the winners! :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas memories. I am soooo happy that you found each other. You definitely bring out the best in each other!!

    The "coat story" was very touching! TFS!

  29. Hope you have a great holiday season:) Love the card:)

  30. I was so involved in reading all about your Christmas story and so relating to Jill's, i don't have any good memories of Christmas as a child either Jill - i had gotten your email that i had won but didn't know what i had won then i read i won the "Everyday Cake" cartridge.. thank you so much, you are both so amazing..hugs sandy from ukiah

  31. super great giveaway - congrats to all the winners!