Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cocoa Cards

Hey Ya'll,
Sorry it's been so long since we posted a project.  You know... that life thing.  Hee! Hee!  Today, I have some bulk cards that we made.  Back when we did the My Craft Spot Christmas Stamp Launch Party, I made one of these.

They are actually very simple to make.  I used My Craft Spot stamps for the little tag.  For these ones, rather than using the cricut to make the pockets, I simply cut card stock at 5" x 4".  I scored the sides at 1" and the bottom at 1/2", folded them and added them to the front of the card with ATG.  Then it was just a matter of adding the decorations.  The twine is also from My Craft Spot.  These are really simple.  This one got the most "Favorite" remarks from the launch party, so we decided to make these for the people that we work with this year.  Just thought I would show you the different papers and things we used when we did them in bulk.

So... On a more personal note...  This has been a very challenging season.  First of all, our E2 died.  It started cutting every single item we tried as if it were a kiss cut.  We tried everything including putting a brand new blade assembly thinking that may be gone bad.  Well, nothing worked and as we are quickly learning, this machine has no reset like the old version expression.  Fortunately, we kept our version 1 Expression and when we set her back up, she ran like a champ, so we have still been able to work, but PC has had the E2 back for over a month now and still no work on the replacement.  So... if any of you got the E2, don't get rid of your old expression.  You may just have to blow the dust off of her and get her going again.  Thankfully, we got the 3 year warrantee on it just in case.  Of course, it's in the first year, but we still feel better knowing that it's covered.

Retail has been tough this year.  Sales are up and people are buying, but WOW the attitudes.  We have both been coming home from work completely exhausted and discouraged by the way we get treated throughout the days and nights.  It's been so difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when everyone is so stinkin' cranky.  So... if you are out shopping, please say something extra night to the cashiers and clerks.  They aren't all stupid and they aren't all trying to make you wait in line.  In fact, most of the time, you can be the most efficient clerk in the store, but one person pulls out a checkbook, and it's all over.  Hee! Hee!  Stay off of your cell phone.  No one working in a store thinks that you are important because you get 20 calls and the last piece of advice.  If your kids are tired... PLEASE TAKE THEM HOME AND PUT THEM TO BED.  OH WOW!  You wouldn't believe the amount of people dragging their poor tired kiddos around in the middle of the night on Black Friday.  The poor things... they were just exhausted and standing in the cold for 2 hours waiting for the store to open at 3AM wasn't considered their perfect Thanksgiving evening.  Hee! Hee!

My poor Mom had this event that she had to do and was encouraged by my Dad to make a bunch of gift baskets for the event.  Mom and I used to do gift baskets together for years and then when I had my Candy Store, she made baskets for me as well.  She worked for 6 weeks, day and night putting everything together for this event and really poored her heart into it.  I also made a ton of cards for her to take as well.  Well, the event was yesterday and it was a terrible flop.  She didn't even break even.  I didn't really care if the card sold or not because I was going to take whatever was left to work anyway, but we just feel so bad for her.  She is just heart broken.

So... A little BAH HUMBUG... Sorry about that, but just wanted to let you know what we have been up to in our absence.  Hee! Hee!  On a more positive note...  Don't know if you have one or not, but we finally bought ourselves a Keurig!  YAY!  Holy Cow!  If you don't have one of these machines, you are totally missing out.  So far, my favorite is the Carabou Coffee!  WOW!!!  So, good things are still happening.

I finally got enough time to edit lots of pictures, so we are gonna start getting some more content on the blog.  Hope you like everything!

We sure appreciate you spending your time with us and hope that you are having a wonderful season getting ready for Christmas.  We hope to get back to visiting everyone's blogs soon too.  We are SOOOO behind.  Thanks so much for visiting today.  Please leave a comment and let us know what you've been up to!

Love Bobby & Jill


  1. You poor things! I'll bet people never even think about how they treat the clerks and sales people when they shop. I, for one, am not doing a lot of shopping this year other than for craft supplies. Making all my gifts this year. We draw names on my side of the family and I have my sister's name so making her a brag book for pics of her first grandbaby. I have made 2 now - picked one and I liked it but decided it was too big and saw a tutorial for another one and did that one last night and I love it! Not finished, but almost. I also made a matchbook album for my Bunco group, but want to make another as I am not totally satisfied with the first one - will see if I have time for that :) Making card sets for my MIL and hubby's grandmother (who is 101) - have not even started on those. I will probably shop for my hubby and my kids, but have no ideas yet what to get them.

    I am so sorry about your mom's bad turnout. What a bummer that is. I have been there before. It is really hard to work so much to turn out things and then nobody buys them. Such a shame. I did not do any craft fairs this year - kind of out of touch lately I guess.

    I do not have a Keurig and probably never will - I love the coffee from them - have several friends who have one - but it is just not high on my list. I am perfectly happy with my regular coffee and I would rather spend the money on something else :) However, I am thrilled for you two as you are so happy with it!

    I love your cocoa cards! What a great idea for the people you work with. I work from home so don't really do co-worker gifts, but it just occurred to me that I could send a card - handmade of course. In fact, I am supposed to be working right now, but was falling asleep so decided to check in with you. You have helped me wake up again with your cute post and now I have to go back to the grind.

    Hugs to the both of you!

  2. Ok, first of all, I am soooo happy to see you guys! I was getting Cricut Couple withdrawals! I have missed y'all so much! I love the cute little Cocoa Cards, these are such a great idea for me to make and pass out to friends that I want to do a little something extra for. I may have to borrow your idea...wish I knew where I could borrow some hours!
    Sorry to hear that shoppers have been rude to you. I worked retail several years myself as well as teaching pre-school and kindergarten. It's can be a close call on the rudeness scale...shoppers or parents! Everyone should have to spend at least a year working in one of those professions just to see what's it like. I honestly believe it would changes some attitudes!
    And I just hate that your Mom had such a tough time with her event. Lots of people just don't know quality work when it hits them in the face! Hope she can find another outlet to sell her goodies at??
    Congrats on your Keurig! I've had one for a couple of years and I am so spoiled! Wait for a pot of coffee???...I think not! My favorite right now is between "Pumpkin Spice" and "Jamaica Me Crazy"!
    Hang in there and get through this crazy holiday season. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos soon. Enjoy your coffee and I'll be back soon!

  3. Really cute and another great idea. I so agree with the attitude towards the people that work retail and include the people that work at police and hospitals. Hugs for your Mom, it's hard to work on items and not have others appreicate them. I'm trying to do a homemade Christmas again this year and will start posting some of my creations soon on my blog. Come by for a visit when you can.

  4. Oh I forgot, I found the cutest little Gingerbread men marshmellows the other day, perfect with your hot chocolate, they will be going in jars of hot chocolate mix for one of my gifts in a jar. I still need to design some tags for this, and you give me tons of inspiration.

  5. I'm only recently following your blog and have really enjoyed it so far. Thanks for everything you do, creative and in the retail world. *hint* I was not one of the cranky people dragging my poor son around at 3a.m. I slept in :)

  6. LOVE your hot chocolate pouches. Toooo cute! TFS! :-)

    Sorry to hear that you're having a rough go of it w/ customers, etc.; and your mom being discouraged w/ her sales.

    Hopefully, when the Christmas rush is all over, you'll be able to have a better time!

  7. Your hot chocolate cards are great little gifts! So sorry to hear about your E2. Hopefully you'll get it back from PC soon. As far as grumpy customers, I'm so sorry for you. I hope most of the people who come to the store are more pleasant. Thanks for the update.

  8. Love the hot choc. cards. Great idea for those of us on
    spending bans. Sorry to hear things are grinch defying around you.
    Chins up and carry on, just know you DO inspire and put smiles on our "crafty" faces when your projects are so wonderful. Thank you making my day, every morning when I read & get inspired by your posts. Thank you.
    etfamily at wynndel dot ca

  9. I love the cards and hot chocolate is a favorite of mine during the holidays.

    Sorry about the attitudes in the retail field. I have also noticed that while I have been out shopping, it seems like everybody is in a bad mood and giving the workers a hard time. I know it is going to be crowded and crazy when I go out, but I don't know how having an attitude is going to speed up the process, lol. Hope it gets better. :)

  10. OMyGoodness so sorry about your Mom working so hard and not even breaking even :(
    As for the shoppers, you will love me... I do not go out shopping on BF, but my daughter did for the first time! and I have a funny story on my blog that might just make you smile... all in all it was a fun experience for her and Oh was it fun for me!! LOL
    So so sorry that people are so so rude... and not that I have ever gotten into it with one of them (oh no! not me lol) but some can be so equally rude!! (oh do I have a private story to tell! lol)
    Sorry about your E2, I wonder why is taking so long, ProvoCraft usually send me my Gypsy replacement pretty quick! (and once an E)..but thanks for the advice on keeping the E for backup!
    Hope you have a better time with shoppers...Oh one more thing to share.. A few days ago I was at Sam's and one of the attendants just out of the blue said to me "Hi! anything I can do to help you?".. I was so shocked that it showed on my face and she stared at me and I said "oh WOW, do you know that you are the first person at Sam's to ever greet me like that! THANK YOU so much!!....(she was like "crazy shopper"! lol because I got so happy and giddy!)

  11. Well, so far you've had a "trying" holiday season. I've done almost all of my shopping but just can't quite get in the spirit. Have not made 1 card. My mom died last February and I've done pretty good until now. Everything just seems weird. I know I've got to get with it for my 6 yr old grandson's sake. We got the tree up and that's as far as I've gotten.
    So sorry about your mom's project. It's really disheartening when that happens.
    I want you to know I am never rude to the workers. (even when a lot of them don't seem to care about helping you. Most places I shop, you get to know the workers and they are usually helpful and pleasant. At our Walmart and local supermarket they all know me and my grandson. They ask how he likes school and watch how he is growing. It's like extended family. That's really nice. In fact, my SIL had him with her one day and went to Walmart. One of the clerks noticed him and that he wasn't with me. She made it a point to speak to them and ask Gabe how he was and questioned her if his grandmother was a short blonde lady. She told her he was her grandnephew and was spending the day with her.
    She couldn't wait to tell me that Gabe makes such an impression on people that even the clerks noticed he was with someone other than me and were watching put for him. Pretty cool, huh?
    Anyway thanks for all the inspiration. (maybe It'll get me started) I love your cocoa cards. I just may do something like that for my Christmas cards. (Sorry to be so longwinded) Thanks again.

  12. Happy to see you guys posting! :o) Sorry to hear about your E2! I don't use mine enough (cough) to have it break down on me yet! I guess I better... so I can get it fixed before the year is up! :O) I'm also sooo sorry to hear that people are RUDE! Of course that doesn't surprise me much! They just seem to think we are living in their worlds! UGH I've been lucky since having the Thrift store that most people that come in are really nice and friendly.... We haven't had any rude people as yet.... So I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that it will continue that way! I'm also sorry to hear about your mom and her gift baskets.... I made some gift baskets for our store too and so far I haven't sold 1! It can be a little discouraging.... I worked on them for several hours hoping that some people might like them better than driving all the way to walmart (Over an Hour away) when they have little money to spare for gifts.... I've even marked them at 20% off hoping that will help... But nothing has come from it yet... I really like how they all turned out, so I will keep them up! But I know how your mom feels at this point... :o) I hope things get better for you two at work! Just keep up the good spirits and the rest of us will too! :o)


  13. I'm sorry to hear people are cranky at the most wonderful season of the year. We live in a sleepy little country town and everyone is so cheerful and friendly here. We can't go uptown without receiving and giving many hugs. I do most of my shopping online because of living in an area with little shopping available. Sorry about your E2. I just received a Gypsy Friday and can't get the opening screen to even come up. We'll have to call customer support. Do you like your Gypsy and do you like Cricut Craft Room? I'm very new to Cricut yet and have lots to learn. I enjoy your blog and these cocoa cards look fabulous. Don't lose courage! You can't make anyone else cheerful but you can be yourselves!



  15. Those are adorable. I agree with you about treating cashiers and clerks a little nicer. I work part-time in retail and UGH some of the customers are so nasty. I mean really, I am human, I shop here too. Why are people so hateful? That's why the world is the way it is. It's so sad. I don't understand why people are like that. Don't let it break your spirit, if anything they need prayers. :)

  16. Love your cards! I am absolutely adding hot chocolate pouches to my cards next year :) Thanks for the great inspiration!
    Sorry to hear you've had a rough time lately, I hope everything looks up soon. The crowds can be insufferable this time of year, keep smiling :)

  17. You are both such an inspiration.. So sad to hear the way you are being treated, but like I read in one of your comments- they need your prayers... Hugs from ukiah