Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Little More Bulking Up for Christmas...

Hey Ya'll,
Well, I have some more bulk cards to share with you today.  These cards were inspired by Candy with Candy's Craft Corner.  You can check out her post HERE.  She made such a beautiful bulk batch of cards and I had an old stamp of this house and I thought I would give it a try!
 I really loved how she simply stamped the image in black.  I had some red and black Christmas papers and thought they would be really beautiful with this style.  BTW, Candy's card looks like this...
Isn't this a gorgeous card?!?  I love how she used glitter on the snowy parts of the stamped image, so I totally scraplifted the concept and ended up going crazy with it.  Hee! Hee!  I made up over 70 of these cards!
 I played with some more label shapes and frames to add some other colors with the black and white images too.  Don't Kimberly's stamps go perfect with this house?  Love that!
 Here are a couple more done with different colors of papers.  They all look so different!
These last couple show the different label shapes and frames I used.  I simply cut out the shapes with the cricut on white card stock.  To avoid any mess, I stamped the images on the label shapes while they were still stuck to the cricut mat and then removed them to put everything together.

So... I hope you enjoyed the second batch of bulk cards today.  I also wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Candy for sharing such a great card!  All of her cards are gorgeous and you really should visit her blog.  So many cute projects.  This one just jumped out of the computer screen and stuck in my brain until I started stamping and cutting.  Hee! Hee!  So... THANKS CANDY!  Big Bug Hugs!  You really saved us this Christmas!

Thank you all for visiting today!  We would love to hear your comments and if you pop by Candy's blog... please leave her some love and let her know we sent you by.


  1. Beautiful creations! Love this idea - simple but stunning.

  2. You are soooo welcome!
    I just love all the variations of your card.
    You did a great job. OMGoodness! you made 70! That's amazing.
    Thanks for the bloggy love! :)

  3. Your cards are just beautiful. Wow you made 70, they are beautiful! Love them. TFS

  4. Wow! 70 cards? These are gorgeous! I may have to lift and run with this idea too :) Thanks for sharing your batch cards!

  5. That stamp is gorgeous!! Love these cards.

  6. Ok...I have to ask...when do you sleep? Seriously, your cards are just gorgeous and I'm sure to you, they seem simple...but 70? Wow! Beautiful cards...that stamp is lovely and all the mats are gorgeous!

  7. Love all the variations of your cards. I guess with making 70 of them, at least a little variety will keep you going!

  8. Fantastic! Love love love your cards!! They're very elegant & I love the papers :)

  9. These are very pretty. That really is a pretty stamp.

  10. Beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great card, I have a Christmas house stamp similar to that I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration, I am headed to Candy's blog

  12. Pretty cards but wow 70! I am impressed.
    Jayne x

  13. Wow 70 and I'm lucky to get 1 done, lol. these are really pretty. I really love black and red together and I love how you added just a touch of color to your pic. Very nice job! Mimi