Thursday, June 7, 2012

Craft Room Remodel... We're almost there!!!

Hey Ya'll,
Well, we are 99.9% done with the craft room remodel.  This is where I have been lately.  Hee! Hee!  Now, I can't wait to trash it and start working in there again!  YAY!

We have decided that the green is going away and we are doing another color, but I have managed to get so far behind, it's going to be a while before I take the time to repaint the whole room because everything will have to come back off of the walls to do that.  Hee! Hee!  This was two different bedrooms in the house with a very strange closet in one.

This is what the room used to look like.
 You can see lots of grids and lots of shelf units.  The shelf units had tons of plastic shoe box containers full of different stuff which was so cluttered and the containers just sucked out the space of everything.  I also had tons of office supplies (many that are not even used anymore) so a lot of this had to go!
 I had a lot of the recollections cubes built almost in a hutch along the wall behind me, but with so many different things in the room, I could barely get some of the drawers open and believe it or not, the clutter was so bad that many of them were EMPTY!  Holy Cow... that is really humiliating to admit.  Hee! Hee!
 Sitting at the small amount of space, you can see how overwhelming the clutter was.  It was very closed in and had to get creative.  You can also see in the picture below, the small bedroom ceiling lights that were in the room and how dark it could be in there.
Now the room has wonderful florescent lighting!  YAY!  This is standing looking to 1/2 of the room.  The cubes were all reorganized to use as bases for the counter tops.  We were so blessed!  Someone had a bunch of counter tops that were in storage and they just gave them to us!  When looking for some cabinets, I looked at prices and we were given about $1200.00 worth of countertops!  All we had to do was go and get them.  I think we got a pretty good deal.  Hee! Hee!  One of the tops was an island type, so it worked perfect for my space to sit and create.
 Looking from the other side, you can see how more organized and open the room is!  YAY!  It's such an improvement!  I can find everything now!  YAY!
 Stepping more inward to the one side, there are a couple of things to finish up.  Under the window is an open area.  I have another piece of counter top that matches the counter wrapping the room.  There will be white finished walls on both sides of the window and then another piece of counter in between.  This will be for Ozzy and Choxie to have a little couch to sleep on while I work.  They have a big round flower dog bed that sits in the floor and they sleep in there all day when I have a craft day, so they have to have their own little space in the room for sure!  On both sides of the window are the E2 (left) and Imagine (right).  They have the jar and ribbon units as well.
 Here, you can see my main work space.  I have my Ott-light, craft mat, organizer, inks, markers, pencils... etc.  All within reach.  Also, if you look up, there is a TV there that can swivel around the the entire room.  My favorite part is that with TiVo, you can look things up and watch them from YouTube.  I can sit right at my space and watch tutorial videos!  YAY!  I can literally roll my way around the entire room whenever needed as well.
 On the bottom, I used the recollections or jetmax cubes, but in between, I used the amazing drawers.  These are actually from a cosmetic display that was changed out in the store.  I asked about them and they gave them all to me!  There were 4 in all.  They have these amazing little organizer trays in them.  Look at how perfect this one is for my acrylic stamping blocks!  Isn't that awesome?!?  Above and to the left of the CTMH ink stand, you can see some lipstick displayers that are holding Martha Stewart Glitter Glue Tubes.  Behind the ink stand are a different type that hold stickles!  It's just wonderful!
 When we took the closets out and the walls in between these rooms, we had to put a header in to make sure the roof was supported properly.  They are drywalled and painted to match the rest of the room.  Underneath, there is a long laminated shelf suspended underneath, but it's the perfect place to story my cartridges.  This shelf is on both sides, so it's a lot of great storage.  The support posts for the header were sticking out in the room and my Dad came up with these fluted column wraps which look amazing!
 Looking down the other side, you can see these beautiful cabinets!  You won't believe this, but these were flat in the box and needed assembled.  We found them at a somewhat local place.  They needed to get rid of them, so I got two 5 foot long units for $50.00 each!!!  These are like $700.00 each!  Can you believe that?  It took a couple of hours to put them together, but the looks do good!  The funny thing is that this particular counter top was 10' 5".  Can you stand it?  The only thing I have left here is to order the end pieces to add to the counter edges because they aren't finished.  I got the two upper cabinets for just $29.00 each and already had the shelves for in between the cabinets!
 I also mounted my lights for my picture tent to the wall, so all I have to do is pull the tent out of the cabinet, turn on the lights, point, shoot, fold it up and put it away.  It's wonderful!  You can't really see the drawer pulls in the picture because they are acrylic, but Jill found these last year at Michaels for $1.00.  They are little butterflies and look wonderful with the room!  On the right, you can see a stand that I don't even remember where it came from.  Hee! Hee!  It holds all of my solid 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.
 This is fun.  On the left, you can see a maple fixture.  This is an H fixture that a store was changing out next to the store that Jill works at.  One night, she came home and said... you need to help me unload the car.  This is what it is.  Hee! Hee!  The whole fixture is slat wall, so it holds almost every kind of peg or shelf holder.  The amazing thing with this is that it was perfect for grids to hold my collection (HOARD) of 12x12 papers.  Hee! Hee!  On the end, I have several little peg hooks that hold other goodies.
 You can see here how I put together the grids.  These are from Target.  They are 13 x 13.  I simply put together the cube as they show, but then I use zippy strips and put more of the flat pieces every in or so.  This makes the perfect flat foundation for your 12x12 papers!  Can you believe how good they fit?  I was THRILLED with this.  Such a happy accident!  The next picture shows the best part!
 IT ROLLS!  I can spin it around and place it anywhere in the room that I want!  It holds goodies on all 4 sides!  The best part is that if some friends want to come over and create, I can roll it up against the wall and set up a table!  Can you believe that after the mess it was before?  It's just wonderful!
 The last little picture I have is of my glitter wall.  This is a bulletin board that is metal.  All of these little hearts are from the wedding party favor section at Michaels.  I simply added magnets to the back of them and then filled them with glitter, flocking powder, micro beads, etc.  They are all up where I can see the colors and I don't have to dig through a drawer.  Besides that, the wide mouth of the little jars make is to easy to tap the glitter back in , but the heart shape gives you a great point on the bottom so that there isn't such a mess.
Well, that's it so far.  What do you think?  I am just so thrilled with this room!  I am afraid that I haven't got much more content for about another week or so, but I would love to hear what you think about the room.

The cubes were purchased a couple of years ago, but this entire remodel ended up costing us less than $200.00!  Talk about a blessing.  Now, I am not sharing this to be bragging... just to encourage.  If you keep an eye open and a hand up to your ear, you will find little treasures all over the place that you can use to make yourself a room like this and not have to spend much.  It doesn't happen over night.  I have been collecting things like this for over 3 years now, so it does take some time, but it happens.

The other thing that I would encourage if you are really into crafting is... "Make it Happen".  I know of several people who will not take the time or money to put themselves in a special place to craft.  It really makes me sad because every one of them has a guest room (that hasn't been used in 3 years) or a nice space in a basement that they never use and they just keep saying, "I wish I had a space like that".  Just go for it!  Put it together!  You deserve it!  Sometimes, it just takes making the decision and everything starts clicking.

I know that our craft room is really large, but believe me.... We know how blessed we are and consider ourselves so fortunate to get to have a wonderful place like this.  Our wish is that you have your own space like this or you get to create your own very soon.

Thank you so much for visiting today!  I can't wait to hear your comments!


  1. Oh my GOODNESS!!! I'm SOOOO jealous! However - we are in the process of moving to a different state, and with a new house, I told my husband that I get my own craft room now, instead of taking over the living room/dining room - so I will definitely be referring back to this post for inspiration! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Oh my goodness... I am so happy for you two! I want to come to your house to play! I love love love all the storage and the work area is amazing. I love it! I think it is wonderful that you have that much space in you home to do something like this and must admit I am a little jealous. I love my space that hubby made for me but yours is like a palace next to mine! LOL

  3. Oh Bobby it is wonderful, you and Jill must be thrilled it is done and you can get in there and play. I am green (ha ha)with eny, I have totally taken over our guest room, but it is so small, I just wish I had room to put more counter top or work space. AND Holy Cow you have lots of stuff love it!

  4. Oh my goodness, and how wonderful this is. I just love the space you created. How fun it must be to walk into the room and know that you are aware of where everything is. I only wish I could say that. The rolling fixture is about as good as it gets. Congrats on your new craft room.

  5. This is so freaking gorgeous! You did a wonderful job! I love it. I especially love the repurposed store fixtures. You are amazing! lclass003atgmaildotcom

  6. Wow Bobby your new room is amazing!! I love all the jetmax under those countertops. What a great idea and tons of yummy storage. You guys got some amazing scores on your storage. So happy for you. One of my favorite things has to be the little heart storage. So sweet. Great idea mounting those lights for taking your pics. Love your new room!! You did a fabulous job! Being organized makes crafting so much easier, you are not worried about the clutter anymore and are just free to create!!
    Congrats to you and Jill both!
    Take care,

  7. Love everything about this whole room... I have a loft right now that is overcrowded..Oh someday I will have the perfect room! Until then I will just dream....

  8. Oh wow, I am loving your space.

  9. This space is amazing!!! How will you ever leave it! Fantastic!


  10. WOW!!! I am so jealous! I have a room to craft in but not nearly as big as this. Plus I have some of my hubby's stuff in it too. I love what you did. You really took care thinking it all out. I love, love. love it! Beautiful job. Now get creating.(as soon as you rest a bit.) haha

  11. WOW!! Your space is so amazing!!! What a dream room. I bet I know where you guys are gonna be all the time!!! You are right, us crafters deserve special space for creating! That is why I was so happy/sad when my daughter moved out of the house(she is 22)I snatched up her room as soon as the tears dried hehe! EMJOY! TFS

  12. What an amazing transformation. Your space is bigger than the local scrapbook store near me. Makes me one step more tempted to convert an unused bedroom into a craft room. Enjoy your new room.