Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where... Oh... Where??

Hey Ya'll,
Well, as I write this post, I am trying to figure out Where... Oh... Where??? has my brain gone?  Life has been so crazy for the last few months and now I have this beautiful and finished room to create in and I find myself sitting down in there and just staring at the wall.  Nothing...  What?  Nothing...  Maybe... Nothing...  I flip through a book... Nothing...  I am going to try really hard to find it again.  I really feel guilty because we have been blessed with so many wonderful things to play with and my brain isn't appreciating any of it right now...  Know what I mean???  So... I have made a decision.  I will do what I can until everything gets back to normal, but I am not going to stress about it.  So... if I am MIA for a few days at a time, please just understand that I am still looking.  Hee! Hee!

I do have a very simple thing to share today with you.  I have been wanting to work with this stamp set ever since I got it.  It's one of the stamps from CTMH that you layer your ink colors with.  I really enjoyed playing with it and wanted to try to get several looks out of it.  So... Here's what I did.

I cut some frames with coordinating papers using the Sophisticated cartridge.  I also cut the butterfly that goes with the Lucy WSOTG butterfly stamp from CTMH AP.

For the first card, I used these beautiful Anna Griffin Papers.
 I used 3D adhesive on the rose shape that I cut with a craft knife.  The butterflies are cut from the cartridge and I just glued the center so that I could bend out the wings.
 The next one is done the exact same way, but you can see how I can coordinate everything with the pumpkin colors in this paper by Anna Griffin.
 I got this shot a little bright, but it still looks nice.
 I love this next one.  This gorgeous paper is from Anna Griffin.  It's the Willow collection.  I was lucky enough to get to order more of this with the super sale.  I used bright white for the background shape and then hues of brown for the leaves because there is a hint of cocoa and bamboo colors in the paper.
 Everything else is the same as the others, but what a difference it makes just using different ink and papers.
 The last one is my favorite, but you know how we love purple.  This is still Anna Griffin paper, but it's all very complimentary with the CTMH inks.
 I used an off white for the background of the stamping.
Well, they aren't very elaborate with the overall design, but considering that my brain has been blank lately, I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out.  The best part is that just playing around with one stamp set and I was able to get 12 of these cards completely done for my stash!  YAY!  It's been looking pretty sad lately.  Hee! Hee!

I hope you enjoyed the different cards today and I would love to hear your thoughts.  Thank you so much for visiting today!


  1. Love all the takes on this pretty flower set. My favorite is the blue, that one just really struck pretty! I love the fancy frame and the pretty rose. I totally know how it feels when your mojo goes into hiding...hope you find it soon...although your cards don't show that it's missing at all!

  2. Ok...don't see how you can ask "where..oh where"? when you have all these gorgeous cards to share today! They are all so very lovely with awesome prints, colors and details! But... I do know how you feel. Sometimes I look around my room and wonder what the heck am I doing with all this stuff and not an idea in my head! I find that just stepping away from it all for a day or two works for me. I usually start having crafting withdrawals within a day or two and jump back in. You are so talented...your mojo shall return (although I highly doubt that it ever left)!!

  3. I love your cards and would be happy to create something that pretty when I have my mojo. I hope you get your creative juices flowing again real soon; I love seeing your beautiful creations.

  4. That's a beautiful card. Your mojo can't be too deeply hidden!

  5. Pretty cards with pretty paper!!!

    Your mojo is just taking a little vacation!! It will be back soon!!


  6. Bobby, you have nothing to worry about, your cards are wonderful!!
    I too am a purple lover so that's my favourite but they are all lovely :)

    Mojo comes and goes but you are a very talented man with such a creative mind, you'll be stunning us all again in no time at all :)
    Huge hugs

  7. These are gorgeous. Just because they didn't take 12 hours doesn't mean they aren't perfect. You have been on overload while "creating" your new craft space. Your poor tired brain just needs to "reboot."

  8. Love your sense of style. All the cards are so gorgeous. TFS