Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wonderful Bottles of "EEK!"

Hey Ya'll,
I have something really fun to share with you today.  As you know, I have been playing with the new CTMH Artiste Cartridge Collection.  It will be available tomorrow morning at My Website.  Just follow the link and click Join next to Bobby to get in on some fun prizes and things with my online gathering!  I had so much fun putting these together!  I hope you like them.
 I found these bottles at Micheals for $0.99 each.  I knew I wanted to make these as soon as I saw this label set from the new Idea Book.  This set is called "Magic Potions".  When I got these bottles home, I wanted to make them bright, but still really creepy.  I used an old ornament technique, but altered it just a bit.  The first thing you do is to drop a sprinkling of glitter in the bottom of each jar.  Then use a few drops of an alcohol ink.  Roll that around inside the jar so that it coats everything.  This will be very translucent, but that's ok.  Once the inside of the bottle is coated the way you want, grab whatever colors you want to use in acrylic paint.  Metallics are really wonderful for this, but I only used a metallic copper.  The other colors are regular acrylics.  Drip the paint into one side at the lip of the bottle and let it run down the side and puddle in the bottom.  Then use another color and repeat.  You don't have to completely cover the entire jar.  Once you have the colors you want and a puddle of paint in the bottom, use something that will hold the bottle up.  I used a wire shelf grid.  Put a plastic bag under a paper towel and put it under your bottle support.  Then turn the bottles completely upside down and let everything drip out of the bottle.  The strange mixture of puddled paint will cover any holes you may have in your paint.  Leave this way for a day or two so that they can dry well.  The alcohol ink plays with the acrylic paint a little bit and gives it a creepier bleed to the paints.  If you want a cleaner look, skip the alcohol ink.
 For this one, I added the bat label because it was so skinny with a shape that comes from the Artiste cartridge.  I cut a band of halloween paper for the neck of the bottle and used some halloween twine for the top.
 The paint performed a lot better in the wider bottles, but I still love the way it turned out.
 For the pickled toad jar, I played with lots of bright lime green!  This one did really good with the paint technique.  I cut a strip of paper to wrap the bottle and help hold on the label.  You could also stamp these on vinyl you cut with the cricut if you want, but I just love playing with paper!
 See how cool the colors ran on this one?  I love the way it turned out!
 The eye of owl uses two labels layered.  I also took some ink on some old lace and added it with the strip that wraps the whole bottle.
 This one has so much orange that it would also be cute to just cut the pumpkin faces available on the cartridge instead of the labels.
 I used some purple for the extract of eel.  I have no idea what colors are with an eel, so I just picked purple.  Hee! Hee!  I cut this label at the size shown, but then another circle at 1 1/4" in orange.  It uses the same stamp, but I was able to pop the layers of the label shape.
 You can see how cool the layers look between acrylic paint and metallic paint!
 This is a picture of the stamp set.   The Artiste Collection is Z1790 and this fun stamp set is Magic Potions - C1509 and is just $13.95  There are so many fun projects to come using this stamp set!  Below is some more to come.  Every single cut is from the Artiste Cartridge!  Even the rosettes!
Thanks so much for visiting today!  I hope you enjoyed everything and I would love to hear your comments!  Don't forget... my online gathering special is just good through August 5th, so to get in, Click Here and then click "Join" next to "Bobby" to get in on some prizes!  What do you think?  I would love to know!


  1. I love the bottles! Such a cool idea...can't wait to get the Artiste collection! Thanks for inspiring!

  2. What an amazing idea with the bottles, they look awesome

  3. Wow, how fun is this! I love the bottles and the way the color turned out on each on and look at those labels! Love it! TFS

  4. Love, love those bottles. And those bags are so cute. Can't wait.

  5. These are so great!! I love them!

  6. I LOVE... LOVE these bottles Bobby! They turned out sooo COOL! And the treat bags are adorable! Ok not adorable... spooookyyy!!! LOL