Friday, August 10, 2012

Blog Candy Hint...

Hey Ya'll,

If you don't know what this means, scroll down to the last couple of days posts...

So far... it hasn't been named yet.  Sorry for those who think this is torture... it's really been fun to see ya'll trying to figure it out.  Now... don't forget, you can guess as many times as you want.  The first one to get it right wins!  Still working on the prize too.

Today's Hint is...

"It comes from HSN"


  1. Did you order the new Fiskars Fuse embosser/cutter/stamp printer?

  2. You got a Cameo. I have nose trouble, I want to know! C'mon share with a friend!

  3. it craft related? Could it be a larger embossing machine? Or a new computer?

  4. Oh my goodness - so you already have one but its limited, you have wanted it for years (so it can't be anything too new) you have lots of supplies already to use with it, and now its from HSN. mmmmmmm- an embroidery machine.

  5. It could be the latest and greatest digital camera