Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Bug Bytes Design Team Day...

Hey Ya'll,
It's my design team day over at The Bug Bytes, so I have something to share today that's a little different to what I normally do.  Today is about organization of something we all love and all have probably lots of color of.  TWINE!!!  Don't you hate when you have 20 colors and they are all in one knot in a baggie?  Hee! Hee!  This isn't very glamorous, but I am very proud of how it turned out.  This is the finished project.
To make this, there are a few things you will need to get.

Crate Boxes
Cardstock and decorative paper
Wooden Spools or recycled sewing spools
Wooden Dowels
Foam Board

First of all, these boxes are little crate boxes that I got at Michaels.  These particular crates came as a set of three and I used the largest of the three.  They are unfinished, so I wanted to paint them with a base color.  I hate how this looks in the pictures because it looks like the purple of the boxes and the purple in the paper is so different, but it's really not.  They blend very well.  If you haven't used this Martha Stewart paint... I have to say, it's the best acrylic paint I have ever used!  I love it and this is only one coat!  You can paint the inside if you want, but since I made a lid, I didn't see the need.
 The next thing you need to do is to cut your dowels to the length of the box and prepare two pieces of foam board for each end of the box.  You can see how I cut little strips out of the foam board.  I used a craft knife to do this.  Once you have these done, they actually glue to the ends of the box.  This gives your dowels something to hold to later.
 The next thing is to plan for the holes on the sides.  What I actually did was to measure the box and use the Gypsy to make a rounded rectangle the size I needed for the side.  Since I don't have a lot of patience with measuring, I used the gypsy also to cut holes in a good measured pattern on the rectangle.  Then I knew exactly where to drill.  I used my Xyron (which I never use anymore) with permanent adhesive to cover the sides and ends of the box.  Then I drilled the holes since I had a guide for it.
 I then used the score board and made a lid for the box with coordinating card stock.  You can see how the dowels hold the little spools that are covered with the twine!  Cool Huh?  Once you have them in place, take a tweezer and pull the ends of the twine through the holes and Viola!  You have an organizer for your twine!!!
 You can see the twine from both sides.  I also used the Gypsy to cut out the word twine to dress up the end a little bit.  Later, I will add something to really make it look good, but kind of ran out of time.
 Here is the side view.  This holds 18 colors of twine per side and the box is only about 6" x 9"!  How great to have such a little footprint in the craft area!  We all need space so we can keep hoarding, right?
I have lots and lots of colors, so I made two of these boxes.  Now... these just work for twine, but hopefully I can find some larger spools and create a larger box for all of the other embellishments we have been collecting.  I really wanted to get this organized because I certainly don't use it enough and I am the type that if it's a mess, I will shut the drawer and ignore it.  Now I can use it all the time!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the project today!  A special thanks to Pam and the Bug Bytes DT for letting me play again this month!  Now, be sure to leave a comment today and let me know what you think of the project, but also to get in on the blog candy prize we will have in a few days.  I ordered something special and I want to know if anyone can figure out what it is.  Today's hint is...

"I have lots of supplies to with it already".

So... get in on the fun!  When it arrives, I will pick the first person to guess what it is correctly as the winner.  If no one guesses, I will randomly pick from all the days hints and comments!  Fun, right?

Thanks so much for visiting today and have a great rest of the week!


  1. What a great idea I don't have mine on spools, I wonder if I could've danced mine to something like that though. I love anything to do with organization as it makes life so much simpler when you're organized. Thank you for sharing this awesome idea.

  2. Great idea, I love being organized. Is your new toy a embossing machine?

  3. Ok this is an awesome project - a great way to store those twines:-)

    Now - what is this item - so you already have lots of supplies to use with it? mmmm mmmmm thinking thinking LOL - Right, could it be an all singing, all dancing, super duper video camera.

  4. Is it a bookcase, Your own making Stamps Machine?

  5. Oh, What a awesom Idea! I'm into Tideness,too. Wonder, if this would work for ribbons? Very creative!
    Would it be a Craft Station?

  6. What an awesome idea to share!!!!
    The storage bins with a Crafting table!!

  7. This is so great!! I really need to put something together like this.

  8. This is SUCH a great idea!! I love the way it turned out! The big label is a fabulous touch too!
    I do hope that you've been having a great summer. I've hardly been home at all so apologize for lack of visits.

  9. This is SUCH a great idea!! I love the way it turned out! The big label is a fabulous touch too!
    I do hope that you've been having a great summer. I've hardly been home at all so apologize for lack of visits.