Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some love from Rhonda...

Hey Ya'll,
I am SO excited to share this with you today!  Rhonda from Scrap Happens with Rhonda had this little fun Mini Album share where a bunch of us made little halloween pages and sent them to her.  Then Rhonda sent us back these amazing albums with some of the shared pages and a bunch of others that she did herself!  How fun!  Rhonda is so sweet!  You really need to hop over to her blog and see some of her other works.  She has some of the most clever things I have ever seen!  But... before you go, look at this adorable mini album!!!
Isn't that the cutest thing you have every seen?!?  Thank you so much Rhonda for this adorable album!  We will have to take extra special halloween pictures this year to fill it up.  So... everyone head on over the Scrap Happens with Rhonda and see all of her other adorable mini albums and other wonderful creations!


  1. So cute!!! Rhonda really is a sweetie, and makes the best little minis!

  2. That is fabulous, I know Rhonda's album are great I happen to have been the happy winner of one several years ago.

  3. WOW!!!This is Beautiful!!TFS

  4. Love this album . It's fabulous like all Rhonda's others.

  5. oh thank you you are making me blush. I am so glad you love it. Your such a sweet friend. thanks for the bragging on me. ha