Sunday, October 21, 2012

Future Smells a little Fishy...

Hey Ya'll,
Well, hope everyone is doing well.  I do have a card to share with you today, but if you don't mind, would like to catch up a little bit.
I am getting tired of saying that life has been crazy lately, so I am not going to.
We just celebrated our anniversary and a brief vacation in the last couple of weeks.  Didn't really go anywhere, but we did have some fun at Silver Dollar City and hitting quilt and craft stores!  We also enjoyed some much needed down time at home.  Got to see the 2016 movie and all I can say about that is GO SEE THE MOVIE and QUICKLY!  Everyone must see this movie before they vote!
As you may know, I got an embroidery machine.  Well, I decided to get a new laptop and then found that the machine wasn't compatable with the new laptop, so it went back.  So... I ordered another one that was compatable with everything, received it and then it was all messed up.  In the mean time, they sold out of this particular machine, so they couldn't exchange it.  So... it's on it's way back and a different machine is on it's way.  In the mean time, I have been collecting fabric, threads, stabilizers, etc.  So... I kinda have to have the machine since I have spent about the same amount on everything else.  Hee! Hee!  Crazy, huh?  So... much of my crafting time has gone to problems with technology and I don't have problems with technology usually.
On top of all of this... I have just been given a promotion at work, which is really going to take time away from crafting, so I will be cutting back quite a bit in some ways and sharing more with others.  I will have lots more cards to make with this promotion, but I have really been struggling lately with blogging.  I can make a card in half the time that it takes to shoot pictures, write descriptions and share it on the blog.  So... I am shooting pictures, but have decided to post when it's done and not stress over it the way I have been for a long time.  I know that all of our wonderful online friends will just be happy to see a post when it's available, but with both of us full time and learning some new things, something has just got to give a bit.  Thanks to everyone for understanding.
So... life is changing in so many positive ways and I hope the same is going for all of you!  Something I have started playing with (when I have had a working machine) is quilting.  I don't have anything complete yet, but will be sharing some fun starter projects soon that I have been trying out.  I also have a fun post to share as Sassy Dude this month and I hope you will stop by and see that.
Today, I just have a simple card to share.  This was for someone who is changing jobs.  They are going to work for a company that is all about bass fishing.  I got on the computer and found a bass fish picture and then did a little text work and this is what I came up with.
 This is a half card.  I used a rounded corner punch on the top left and bottom right of everything.  I don't think that the colors look so great in the pictures, but they really turned out pretty.
I just thought that the inside was really fun and I think that the sentiment was really fun!
Well, thanks so much for visiting today!  Hope to see you again on Sassy Dude Day!


  1. Great card, great post and hope you managa to get you technology probs sorted:-) Have a great week and congrats on the work promotion.

  2. This is such a perfect card for the occasion! So sorry about all your embroidery machine issues. Hopefully, you get everything sorted out!
    I totally understand about the blogging. Having started a new position myself, I hardly have time to craft now (boo-hoo), let alone blog about it! That said, many congratulations on your promotion!! How exciting!

  3. Bai...Great card! I am sure you will love your sewing machine. Cant wait to see what you do using it. Congratulations on your promotion.

  4. This is a GREAT card.... I can think of lots of people to send it too with various reasons! Congratulations on the promotion!

  5. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on your promotion.
    Love your card and sentiment.
    Jayne x

  6. Congratulations on your new promotions!! I will have to come see you next time I come to Branson! What a cute card and great detail!

  7. Happy Anniversary and congrats on the promotion... anything you post is WONDERFUL! Love the tutorials on some stuff but your work is inspiration enough... thanks for sharing such a cute card and why you made it that way... it is PERFECT!!!! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed week! Kathi

  8. Well sounds like there is alot going on for you and Jill. First off Happy Anniversary glad you had a little down time. Congrats on your promotion, I am sure it was very well deserved. I know what you mean about blogging and stressing, I am the same way. I have a pile of cars I have created but have not sat down to type of the blog post. I love my blog and love visiting other blogs but it can be time consuming.
    HOWEVER, I do miss your posts and can't wait to see all the new things you have been working on.

  9. Sometimes life just seems to take over, doesn't it? Congratulations on your promotion. Hopefully you will still get some "craft" time. We all need that. Cute card. I'm sure it will be appreciated. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  10. Hi Bobby & Jill! I'm finally back from my trip & I've been a little busy at work, but wanted to stop by and say HI!! I see you guys are just as busy as me! Happy Anniversary! I did flip through your blog to see what you've been up to while I was away and all I can say is WOW! You guys never missed a beat with all your fabulous creations! I LOVED seeing them all! Glad to be back & check out what everyone's been up too! :o)