Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thank You...

Hey Ya'll,
I have a card to share today that was a lot of fun to create!  Recently, we were doing some shopping and came across a vision center that carries Nikkon eyewear.  Jill and I both got Nikkon eyewear a couple of years back.  The type that we have are the frameless.  They were REALLY expensive.   Well... about 6 months after we got them, Jill had one of the pins that holds the side piece on her pair break.  Who would have thought that would happen with Titanium, but whatever, right?  Anyway...  we took them into this place which was not where we originally purchased them and inquired about being able to fix them.  Well, the manager of the facility went to the back and came out with the exact side piece that was broken on Jill's pair.  She took a really long time being careful not to break the lens and worked really hard to remove the broken pin along with the little piece that holds the side pieces on.  Once she had that removed, she put all new pieces in her glasses and a new side piece, fitted Jill all over again and made sure that everything was perfect.  When finished, we picked up a bottle of cleaner, some new microfiber cloths, a case and something else I don't remember and walked to the register with Bonnie... the manager.  She rang everything up and told us what the total was, which was less than $12.00.  Jill said... what about the repairs?  She said... just consider it a blessing!  Can you believe that?  Who does that anymore?  What a sweetheart!!!  So... while we were visiting with her and she was struggling to remove that pin, we got to talking.  Come to find out, she is not a regular Cricut user, but she does have a cake machine and is a cake decorator as a hobbiest.  So... after what she did, we grabbed a Cricut Cake chef's hat and wrapped it all up and of course, I had to make a card.  So... hope you enjoyed the story... let's get into the card.
I used white card stock for the base and punched the corners with a Martha Stewart Corner Punch.  I used twilight card stock for the base mat.  On the inside, I used the rounded corner punch, but on the front, I cut the corners out.  I used Vanilla Cream paper and stamped it with several lace medallion stamps.  I used grey wool, chocolate, smokey plum, pear and twilight.  I just did each stamp shape with its own color.  I then cut a piece of chocolate card stock and then stamped it with a flourish/leaf type of stamp from the Avondale card workshop stamp set.  I used a piece of grey paper and stamped it with a script stamp and cut out the Thank You shadow layer.  I used smokey plum for cutting out Thank You.  Thank You comes from the Sophisticated cartridge.
 I added a couple of pieces of ribbon on the left and then added some design elements left over from the Avondale card workshop set on the front.
 I matted the inside the same way and used a sentiment from the Avondale Card Workshop stamps.  I also used the corner punch on the sentiment mat.  Everything in this card was inked using Grey Wool ink. 
It's been a while since I made a card that I was really happy with and I really liked the way this one turned out.  I really hope that Bonnie likes it and knows how much we appreciate her.  What a blessing she was that day and Jill is so grateful!
I would love to hear your comments.  Thanks so much for visiting today!


  1. Fabulous card and what a lovely post to go with it. TFS

  2. Lovely card! She's gonna love it! And you all are so thoughtful.

    Many Blessings,

  3. I bet you made her day.It's so nice when really sweet people come together. Beautiful card.

  4. Isn't it nice to know there are people like that out there and even better when you get the chance to meet one. Your card is wonderful, love all the details and the thanks you cut is great.

  5. What a great story of every day human beings acting as they should... and we should REWARD that behaviour. Thanks for sharing your card and your story! You all came out winners... be funny if she went home and pulled out her cake decorator Cricut after talking to ya'll too! Kathi